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  September 8th, 2023 | Written by

Hydrogen Truck from Gebrüder Weiss gets Solar Car Moving

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High-tech Developers at ETH Zurich rely on Orange Expertise for Logistics Solution

Team aCentauri’s innovative solar car is on its way to the World Solar Challenge in Australia. International transport service provider Gebrüder Weiss used its hydrogen truck for the first leg of the high-tech vehicle’s journey this week.  With a comprehensive logistics solution comprising land transport, sea and air freight, the experts are ensuring that the vehicle developed by the students at ETH Zurich can be at the starting line in Darwin on time in October.

As a driver of intelligent transport solutions, Gebrüder Weiss helps young scientists shape the mobility of the future together. The logistics experts showcase their extensive know-how and many years of experience, whether it’s to start on time at the World Solar Challenge, or for a Mars or space mission.