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  July 1st, 2023 | Written by

How Technology Adoption has Fuelled Growth Potential Across the Logistics Industry

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The latest CartonCloud Logistics Index Report draws on insights and data from over 1,800 logistics industry members from around the world — and celebrates two years of CCLI logistics data. 

The free report tracks industry trends, insights, and attitudes directly from logistics industry members — providing actionable data companies can use to navigate current issues and capitalize on growth opportunities. 

The last two years have captured the flow-on impacts of the global pandemic, the e-commerce boom, technology adoption, environmental practices, workforce attraction and retention, growth plans, and key concerns. 

Increasing concerns of a global recession have impacted the way in which logistics companies are planning for the year to come; exploring key concerns and opportunities to capitalize on growth. 

The CartonCloud Logistics Index Q1 2023 report highlights this year will likely see; – higher intent for technical investments, as companies gear up their operations for data-led decisions with AI, machine learning, and more automation with robotics, – a rise in the importance of secure software integrations, as companies bring on more software systems, targeting a best-of-breed technology stack, and invest in industry partnerships for outsourcing and greater collaboration, 

– further reduction in paper processes, as companies continue to shift to digital records, 

– focus on increasing efficiency and utilization of existing resources, through more sophisticated planning and data use, as well as extended operational hours, space utilization, and partnerships to increase opportunities for growth. 

Industry appetite for technological innovation remains high, reflecting software adoption and digitization trends over the past two years. 

Despite recession fears, industry optimism for growth, investment, and expansion remains strong throughout 2023 — with a growth mindset reflected across all industries and regions.