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  July 30th, 2015 | Written by

Georgia Tech and National University of Singapore Launch New Logistics Research Center

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  • The new logistics center’s initial research will focus on models for evaluating the value of supply-chain information.
  • NUS professor: Changes affect the nature and number of goods manufactured and transported.
  • Georgia Tech professor: Next generation technology, manufacturing innovations,will shape next generation logistics.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Georgia Institute of Technology recently launched a Center for Next Generation Logistics.

The virtual center will work with government agencies and industry to perform cutting-edge research in logistics and supply chain systems.

The center’s research will initially focus on two areas: pre-competitive, mission-focused knowledge discovery such as models for evaluating the value of information in supply chains; and company-specific research for enhanced competitiveness.

The center has already collaborated with DHL-Singapore, SDV Logistics and ZALORA MARKETPLACE to address the challenges they are facing, which include how to conduct data analysis to improve operation efficiency, a feasibility study of automation technology, and cross border logistics.

“People are living longer, and the growth of the middle class and their discretionary income continues, especially in Southeast Asia,” said Lee Loo Hay associate professor at NUS and principal investigator with the center. “These changes affect the nature and number of goods manufactured and transported, for example, healthcare products and services and the need for high-quality cold supply chains. The rapid embrace of social media, new customer demands, and the challenge of cross-border e-commerce, also results in a greater need for multi-channel logistics, logistics for mass customization, and anticipatory logistics.”

“We are delighted to be collaborating with the National University of Singapore in an area of research and innovation that has such potential societal and economic impact for both our countries,” said Professor Chelsea C. White III, a faculty member of Georgia Tech. “Next generation technology, data availability, customers, manufacturing innovations, and demographic trends will shape next generation logistics and supply chain systems, and it is critical that both nations are leaders in these areas to insure sustainable economic growth and prosperity.”

The center will receive $880,000 in seed funding from the two universities over a two-year period. The center expects to grow from the current staff of five full-time researchers to 25 by 2018. The center aims to secure additional research funding by actively collaborating with government agencies and industry partners.