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Digital Printing Packaging Market Size to Reach $56,030 Million by 2032

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The global digital printing packaging market size was at $ 22,100 million in 2022 is projected to reach $ 56,030 million by 2032, expanding at a CAGR of 9.8% between 2023 and 2032.

Digital printing in packaging involves the direct transfer of a digital file, typically a PDF or JPEG, directly to a printer to apply designs or information onto packaging materials. The segment of the packaging industry that utilizes digital printing technologies for creating packaging materials. In this context, digital printing involves the direct printing of digital-based images onto various packaging substrates such as paper, cardboard, plastic, and others. 

Digital Printing Packaging Market Trends

E-commerce Transformation – Digital printing in packaging is witnessing a notable surge due to the transformative impact of e-commerce. The rise of online shopping has led to a growing demand for customized, small-batch packaging solutions.

Circular Economy and Sustainability – The digital printing packaging trend aligns seamlessly with the circular economy and sustainability principles. Brands increasingly embrace eco-friendly practices, and digital printing facilitates this shift by minimizing material waste and using recycled and sustainable substrates.

Disruptive Technologies Reshaping Packaging – Incorporating disruptive technologies is reshaping the landscape of digital printing in packaging. Augmented reality (AR) and near-field communication (NFC) enhance consumer engagement by providing interactive and immersive experiences through packaging.

Industry 4.0 Integration – Digital printing packaging is undergoing a profound transformation with the integration of Industry 4.0 principles. Automation, data exchange, and intelligent technologies are converging to enhance production efficiency and provide real-time insights into the printing process.

Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Digital Printing Packaging Leadership in North America

The digital printing packaging market has emerged as a leader in North America, driven by a confluence of regional, technical, and economic advantages that have significantly influenced its growth trajectory. The unique dynamics of the North American market, coupled with the advanced technological landscape and robust economic conditions, have positioned digital printing as a preferred choice for packaging solutions across various industries.

For Instance,

  • In Nov 2023, North America’s Sealed Air has articulated that its recently introduced system aims to deliver customer value by incorporating touchless automation while also prioritizing sustainability.

Evolution of Digital Printing Packaging in Global Market

Digital printing has revolutionized the packaging industry, and labels are no exception to this transformative trend. In the dynamic landscape of the digital printing packaging market, labels play a crucial role in conveying essential information, enhancing brand visibility, and providing a platform for creative and dynamic design. The adoption of digital printing technologies for labels brings forth a myriad of advantages that cater to the evolving needs of both brands and consumers.

Inkjet Printing Drives Demand Through Unique Packaging Designs

Inkjet printing excels in producing high-resolution and detailed prints, making it suitable for intricate designs, logos, and text on packaging materials. This capability is crucial for meeting the quality standards demanded by brands and consumers. Inkjet printing is versatile and can accommodate a wide range of substrates, including paper, cardboard, plastics, and even certain specialty materials. This versatility allows for flexibility in packaging design and material choices. The ability to customize and personalize packaging is a key driver of inkjet printing demand. Brands can create unique and targeted packaging designs for different products, promotions, or customer segments, enhancing consumer engagement and loyalty.

Elevating Product Appeal Through High-Quality Graphics in Food & Beverage Packaging

Digital printing in the food and beverage sector has become a strategic and impactful solution, offering numerous advantages that cater to the specific needs of this industry. Digital printing allows food and beverage companies to customize packaging with intricate designs, branding elements, and personalized content. This capability is crucial for creating unique packaging that aligns with brand identity, promotes new products, and engages consumers on a personal level.

Recent Developments

  • In Nov 2023, Domino Printing Sciences (Domino), a worldwide leader in digital printing, coding, and marking, has dedicated substantial resources to enhance its Digital Printing Solutions division. This investment reflects Domino’s commitment to expanding its array of solutions and services tailored for the labels and corrugated packaging industries.
  • In Nov 2023, Xeikon developed new digital printing with dry toner technology for improved printing packaging formula.