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  March 25th, 2023 | Written by

Damotech Introduces DAMO CARE, a comprehensive Warehouse Rack Safety as a Service Solution

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Damotech, the industry leader in warehouse safety and rack repair, launches DAMO CARE©, a new full-service pallet rack safety program that will transform the way companies approach rack safety. This innovative offering helps busy warehouse managers implement and manage their company-wide rack safety program by offering critical products and services, including rack inspections, routine assessments, employee training, maintenance planning, asset protection, rack repair, and management software. By leveraging the cloud-based Damotech Platform, leaders get real-time insights, making tracking maintenance and progress simpler than ever.

Built on Damotech’s 30-plus years of experience ensuring safety for large and small warehouses across North America, DAMO CARE is an all-encompassing solution providing a structured approach to warehouse rack safety. It is rooted in Damotech’s Rack Safety Flywheel©, a proven framework that outlines the founding principles that help companies establish a comprehensive and effective safety program.

Thanks to DAMO CARE, organizations can achieve higher levels of employee well-being, operational efficiency, and compliance. Damotech’s industry-leading engineers will work closely with customers to define a roadmap and ensure their safety program meets all relevant industry standards and local codes. 

Overview of DAMO CARE

  • DAMO CARE is a comprehensive Rack Safety as a Service solution designed by Damotech to assist organizations in running a rack safety program to improve employee well-being, operational efficiency, and safety compliance.
  • Founded upon the Rack Safety Flywheel, a 360-degree comprehensive plan, DAMO CARE provides a full range of products and services, including engineered inspections, routine assessments, load calculations, rack repair and protection solutions, management software, safety training, and more. 
  • With a DAMO CARE subscription, companies receive discounted prices on Damotech repair and protection products, including the renowned DAMO PRO repair kit offered with a lifetime warranty against impacts.
  • DAMO CARE provides access to a team of rack safety experts and engineers across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Damotech’s all-in-one solution includes the Damotech Platform, providing real-time insights into a company’s rack safety performance from any device.

About Damotech

Pallet racks in warehouses are constantly damaged by forklift impacts. And this damage can lead to tragic consequences such as collapses if misdiagnosed or left unattended.

With over 30 years of experience, Damotech is North America’s leading rack safety specialist. More than half of Fortune 500 companies choose Damotech’s engineering services, employee training, rack repair and protection kits, and rack maintenance software. By partnering with Damotech, companies gain peace of mind by making their warehouses safer while reducing maintenance and liability costs.