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  April 9th, 2022 | Written by

Crossroads Announces Gen Z/Millennials Graduate Program Candidates for 2022

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Logistics specialist Crossroads has announced the candidates for its 2022 Gen Z/Millennial Graduate Program designed to invest in the future of the business. Xitsunduxo Baloyi, Lerato Malaza, Khabonina Ndhlovu, Daniel Sesinkclee and Dante Simonato were handpicked by Chief Executive Officer Arend du Preez for the Programme that engages particularly with the Gen Z and Millennials generations. More than 50 applications were received for the Program.

The Gen Z/Millennial Program is about fast-tracking and training potential leaders and innovators engaged with the latest advanced technology into the company, while minimizing the generational divides that could exist within its workforce.

The unique program kicks off with six weeks of intensive training, as the five graduates are inducted into the Crossroads business. Called “The Bootcamp”, graduates attend face-to-face business classes and engage with skilled business educators, mentors, managers, and executives. Each graduate is allocated a life coach and mentors to guide them throughout the Program.

Speaking at the launch event, Dr Anna Mokgokong, Chairperson of Community Investment Holdings (CIH), said that creating opportunities for the youth, particularly women, was a brave and necessary call for companies to answer. Particularly in industries such as logistics, which has always been dominated by men. It is a mammoth and noble task. She stated that if a seed of education and opportunity is being planted, then a bounty of skilled workers will be reaped. That is their goal for the program called ‘The Bootcamp’.

In today’s challenging job climate, education alone is not always enough. There must also be opportunity and drive to grasp the opportunity. She emphasized on the need to create spaces for new energy, new thinking, and new ideas as that was the root of innovation and progress.

CIH, a shareholder in Crossroads, is a 100% black owned, women led company with a consolidated group turnover in excess of R20 billion, diversified between healthcare, ICT, power and energy, logistics, mining and infrastructure development.

Crossroads developed the Gen Z/Millennial Graduate Program as part of its ongoing effort to keep training up to date with the changing business environment. Graduates in the program are expected to perform at exceptionally high levels – maintaining a pass mark of 80% or higher during the Program that concludes in June this year. After the six-week intensive Bootcamp, graduates are placed in various departments in Crossroads for the remainder of the Program, as they continue to be assessed and remediated to ensure they are allowed to find their niche within the business.

Joe Madungandaba, Community Investment Holdings Group CEO, commended the Program, saying more initiatives were needed to boost employment, develop skills and create opportunities for young people. He pointed out that there is a need to grow and identify the talents in the country. There are almost eight million unemployed graduates in South Africa and no one affords them any opportunities. Initiatives like this offered by Crossroads offers real employment opportunity to graduates willing to work hard. He insisted that identifying talent, training and developing fit-for-purpose skills was essential to change the face of employment in South Africa. He mentioned that one of the scarcest resources in the world is people. There are many opportunities out there. What is needed are deliberate strategies to grow and employ specifically trained people within the organizations.

According to Madungandaba, should the Gen Z/Millennial Graduate Program prove successful within Crossroads, it will be rolled out across the more than 50 companies that CIH invests in. They are committed to finding opportunities for graduates within the various sectors where they are present. Should a graduate not find a fit in a specific sector, they can target another based on their skills and interest.

Crossroads has a long tradition of training and nurturing talent, ensuring its employees have the necessary tools to make an impact from the outset of their careers. Learning is a lifelong embedded culture within the company. Welcoming the four women and one man to the Crossroads family, du Preez said the Gen Z Graduate Program demonstrated the company’s commitment to investing and future-proofing the business.

He stated that they look forward to developing these energetic, resilient and persistent young graduates as they prepare them to be ready for a tough and demanding industry.