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  June 17th, 2016 | Written by

Crane Worldwide Logistics Delivers Last Mile Ecommerce Fulfillment Solution

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  • Crane Worldwide Logistics' solution enables retailers to compete in the current on-demand economy.
  • Crane Worldwide Logistics director: “We believe this solution out-performs current large e-retailer platforms.”
  • Crane Worldwide Doorbell solution combines in-store order fulfillment with forward stocking warehouses.

Crane Worldwide Logistics has announced an exciting new logistics solution that delivers an on-demand final mile service to retail customers.

Crane Worldwide Doorbell will allow retailers to deliver faster speed-to-market and provide greater shopping convenience to end customers, all with the added visibility of delivery tracking  through a mobile platform.

“We have created a solution that enables key brand name retailers to compete in the current on-demand economy,” said David Widdifield, Global Director of Retail Solutions at Crane WorldwideLogistics.

“We believe this solution out-performs current large e-retailer platforms,” Widdifield added.

Combining in-store order fulfillment, along with Crane Worldwide Logistics’ forward stocking  warehouse and expedited shipping programs for ecommerce or omnichannel operations, the Crane Worldwide Doorbell solution will help retailers manage changing logistics requirements in an affordable way.

An agile business logistics network is essential in today’s competitive retail market. Higher consumer expectations and rapidly growing online and mobile markets are driving retail companies to seek innovative supply chain solutions.

Ecommerce is growing at a rate of 25 percent CAGR globally, with mobile commerce driving more than 34 percent of online transactions. The mobile experience of Crane Worldwide Doorbell, with its emphasis on flexibility and efficiency, will allow retailers to better navigate this changing market.

“Our focus has been on providing unit cost savings for our retail customers’ ecommerce platforms, while delivering an ultimate and transparent final mile mobile customer experience,” said Keith Winters, Chief Operating Officer at Crane Worldwide Logistics. “Combining mobile technology with the capabilities of our extensive carrier network, Crane Worldwide Doorbell provides our retailers with a complete, best in class, omnichannel logistics solution.”

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