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  December 18th, 2016 | Written by

COSCO Europe Slashes Fuel Costs and Emissions

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  • COSCO Europe sliced fuel costs by $4.5 million and reduced CO2 emissions by 29,500 tons.
  • Jotun’s coating limits the growth of organisms on a vessel's hull, minimizing frictional resistance.
  • Jotun's HPS has been applied to over 400 vessels since its launch in 2011.

In the four years since its coating with Jotun’s Hull Performance Solutions (HPS) system, the vessel COSCO Europe has reached new heights of efficiency, cost control and environmental performance. Figures released by Jotun show that the 2008-built, 10,062 TEU container ship has sliced fuel costs by $4.5 million and reduced CO2 emissions by 29,500 tons against market average figures.

HPS combines Jotun’s advanced SeaQuantum X200 antifouling, enhanced technical service, performance analysis according to ISO 19030, and a high performance guarantee. The coating limits the growth of organisms on the hull—minimizing frictional resistance—while the analysis and guarantee ensure measurability and accountability. This combination provides a comprehensive insight into both return on investment (ROI) and on-going environmental efficiency.

“HPS has now been applied to over 400 vessels worldwide since its launch in 2011,” said Alfie Ong, vice president of Jotun Marine Coatings. “As we get more and more long-term data from the system, we get the hard evidence to prove what we already knew—that HPS delivers the cleanest hulls, highest efficiency and best environmental performance on the market.

More global shipping players are recognizing the power of this proposition, Ong noted. “They understand that an investment in HPS is low-hanging fruit when it comes to optimizing hull performance and delivering long-term value for their vessels,” he added.

Ong notes that the ship, which received the HPS treatment at Zhou Shan COSCO Shipyard in October 2012, has so far recorded a speed loss of just 0.76 percent. This compares to a market average of 5.9 percent for vessels treated with standard antifouling solutions.

COSCO SHIPPING Lines is expected to announce further vessel agreements with Jotun.

“As a company we are committed to delivering optimal value for all our stakeholders and the best environmental performance for our fleet,” said Hou Liping, deputy general manager of COSCO SHIPPING Lines. “Jotun’s development of the HPS antifouling and measurement system shows that it shares those same values. We look forward to further collaboration, and efficiencies, in the future.”