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  December 21st, 2023 | Written by

CheapOair Unveils Top 10 Air Travel Destinations for Americans in 2023

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As the holiday season approaches, CheapOair’s data science team delves into the travel trends of Americans, revealing the top destinations for air travel in 2023. With over 115 million people expected to travel 50 miles or more, a record-breaking 6.5%, or 7.5 million individuals, are set to take flight during the 10-day festive period, according to the American Automobile Association.

New York City – A Global Expedition:

New Yorkers, known for their diverse preferences, are jetting off to a mix of international and domestic destinations. The top 10 holiday travel spots include Santiago, San Salvador, Santo Domingo, Kingston, Lagos, Delhi, and Manila, alongside domestic escapes to Georgetown, Ft. Lauderdale, and Orlando.

Los Angeles – Embracing Global Vibes:

Angelenos are embracing an international flair with 6 out of their top 10 destinations located abroad. Guadalajara, San Salvador, Manila, Guatemala City, Mexico City, and Ho Chi Min City make the global cut, while domestic getaways include Atlanta, New York City, Dallas, and Houston.

Chicago – A Blend of Domestic and International Escapes:

Chicagoans are favoring domestic destinations for their holiday plans, with Phoenix, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas on their list. However, they’re also venturing internationally to Mexico City, Guatemala, San Juan, and Manila.

Houston – Exploring Diverse Horizons:

Houston residents are spreading their wings to international locales like San Salvador, Guadalajara, Mexico City, and San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The domestic front sees trips to Los Angeles, Denver, New York City, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Ft. Lauderdale.

Phoenix – Domestic Delights with a Hint of International Flair:

In the Phoenix area, holiday-goers are opting for domestic travel, with cities like Dallas, Denver, New York City, Seattle, Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Portland topping the list. The lone international destination is Guadalajara.

As the anticipated air travel numbers for this holiday season surpass last year’s figures, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is gearing up to keep flights on schedule. Measures include opening military airspace for east coast north-south traffic, coordinating with commercial space companies to limit launches during peak travel times, and opening 169 additional east coast routes to accommodate increased air traffic.