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  January 12th, 2016 | Written by

Cerveza Fauna Begins Exporting to California

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  • Cerveza Fauna is working with GRDLOC Partners of Newport Beach, Cal., to import its products into U.S.
  • Cerveza Fauna brewery, located in Mexicali, Mexico, was founded by Luis and Alex Larios in 2011.
  • Cerveza Fauna brewery won four medals at the 2015 COPA Cerveza in Mexico City.
  • Cerveza Fauna has produced collaboration beers with two San Diego-area breweries.

Cerveza Fauna, a Mexican brewer, began export operations to California in late December. The company’s award winning beers hit shelves in San Diego and Los Angeles as 2015 came to a close.

Fauna, which was started up in 2011 in Mexicali, is distributed in major markets across Mexico. The company also operates a tasting room in Plaza Fiesta in Tijuana, a short distance from the San Ysidro U.S.-Mexico border crossing.

“We are excited to have our beers available for customers in the United States,” said co-founder and president, Alex Larios. “We look forward to sharing the unique story and brewing style from each our beers with new customers.”

Fauna’s core beers to be distributed in California include Lycan Lupus IPA, Penelope Coffee Porter, Tristan Blonde Ale, Mala Vida Belgian Blonde Ale, Mercedes Brown Ale and Caracol Saison. Seasonal brews and collaboration beers will also be available from time to time.

Fauna is working with GRDLOC Partners LLC of Newport Beach, California, to import its products and coordinate distribution.

The Cerveza Fauna brewery is located in Mexicali, Mexico and was founded by brothers Luis and Alex Larios in 2011. The brewery is the winner of four medals at the 2015 COPA Cerveza in Mexico City. Cerveza Fauna has also recently produced collaboration beers with Belching Beaver Brewery and Coronado Brewing Company, both San Diego-area companies.

“We have so many friends in the United States that have supported our brewery whether it is by visiting our tasting room, attending beer events or recommending Fauna to their friends,” said Larios. “We want to say thank you for supporting us and helping our brewery grow. This is an exciting time for Cerveza Fauna.”