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  July 24th, 2023 | Written by

Cargo-Partner USA Continues to Grow its Customs Team

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With expertise in logistics and worldwide transport, cargo-partner is delighted to offer its export and import customs clearance services for shipments departing or arriving into the USA by road, air and sea. The company has now expanded its specialized customs team.

With four strategically located offices across the USA – Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Clarksville – the cargo-partner team offers a comprehensive range of airfreight, seafreight and overland storage and transport services, as well as a dedicated customs and brokerage service from each office. 

The USA team are able to offer all customers in-house imports and export customs, including the preparation of paperwork, compliance checklists and the recording of transactions. They will guide customers, ensuring that all international guidelines and legal provisions are observed so that shipping transactions can be carried out smoothly. Additionally, the team is also multilingual which is an invaluable asset when managing shipments across the globe.

Licensed Customs Broker in the USA

A licensed customs broker is an individual or a company that is authorized by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to act on behalf of importers and exporters in matters related to customs clearance. Licensed customs brokers are responsible for preparing and submitting the necessary documentation, coordinating with customs officials, calculating duties and taxes, and facilitating the smooth movement of goods across international borders. To become a licensed customs broker in the USA, individuals must pass a rigorous examination administered by the CBP.

With over 200 employees specializing in customs clearance and brokerage, based across 160 offices and 40 countries, cargo-partner can provide tailored and personal customs and brokerage solutions to and from any location in the world.