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  August 31st, 2023 | Written by

Capacity Lane Scores from Tai Software and FreightWaves SONAR Provide Brokers Best-in-Class Market Data

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Tai TMS (Tai), a fully integrated, broker-friendly platform for freight management, and FreightWaves’ SONAR data intelligence tool, continue to empower freight brokers and 3PLs to make more informed quote decisions amidst current difficult market conditions.

The integration provides Capacity Lane Scores directly within Tai’s comprehensive logistics intelligence system, providing visibility into the most up-to-date market data and trend directions.

Since the SONAR integration first launched in March 2022, Tai’s one-stop Truckload Quoting page provides users with an instant view of Capacity Lane Scores which rank current capacity trends on a 0-100 scale (with 100 indicating the tightest capacity) for any given lane.

Additionally, brokers can see whether a Capacity Lane Score is increasing, indicating tightening capacity and increasing rates, or decreasing, meaning that capacity is loosening, and rates will likely drop. This data allows brokers to strategically decide when to request rate quotes and from which lanes, lowering costs and improving profitability.

The SONAR integration is one of Tai’s 500+ tool integrations that fully automates the FTL lifecycle, allowing brokers to go from quote to delivery without manual intervention. Capacity Lane Scores translate tender volume and rejection data into a relative measure of market capacity. A unique algorithm is used to produce these scores by detecting structural market pattern shifts and volatility in load balance and tender rejection levels. SONAR uses high-frequency data from a consortium of companies following standardized protocol to provide market insights in freight pricing.

With constant market swings and disruptions in the past few years, Capacity Lane Scores unlock key SONAR data directly within the TMS platform, allowing freight brokers to anticipate market trends in the same platform where they find coverage.