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  November 20th, 2023 | Written by

Bolloré Logistics Enhances Supply Chain Visibility with Winddle Collaboration

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Bolloré Logistics, a key player in logistics and international transport, has joined forces with Winddle, a collaborative platform for supply chain management, to elevate its purchase order (PO) management services. The partnership aims to optimize transport operations through integrated management of product orders and enhanced collaboration with suppliers.

In the overseas transport sector, end-to-end visibility is crucial to ensure seamless operations. Winddle’s collaborative platform facilitates the coordination of inbound operations and provides comprehensive visibility at both the purchase/sales order and product/SKU levels. This collaborative approach allows shippers, suppliers, and carriers to work on a common basis, streamlining data entry and centralizing documents. By gaining visibility over goods delivery forecasts submitted by suppliers, Bolloré Logistics can anticipate transport flows more effectively and enhance overall coordination.

Nathalie Léger, Global VP for the Beauty and Luxury Goods sectors at Bolloré Logistics, highlights Winddle’s flexibility in integrating with Bolloré Logistics’ Transport Management Systems (TMS) and responding to various customer Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The integration of PO management with transport visibility enhances Bolloré Logistics’ ability to understand the overall performance of its supply chain. Winddle provides indicators at the product, purchase order, or sales order level, offering insights into forecasts, monitoring dates, costs, and environmental impact. The collaboration enables better prioritization of product flows during transport capacity constraints and facilitates quick and effective communication in case of transport delays.

Bolloré Logistics has successfully implemented Winddle’s solution for a French luxury cosmetics brand, replacing a PO management system based on shared files. The platform, onboarded in just three months, has over 80 users monitoring thousands of shipments per year collaboratively. The project has streamlined daily collaboration between the cosmetics brand and Bolloré Logistics, offering a reliable tool for coordinating supplier and transport performance.

Building on the success of the initial deployment, Bolloré Logistics plans to integrate Winddle modules for automated, predictive calculation of unit approach costs, transport costs, and invoice reconciliation. This strategic move opens up exciting prospects for ongoing optimization of transport operations.