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  October 4th, 2023 | Written by

Arrive Logistics Elevates Carrier Connectivity and Visibility with Descartes Freight Tracking Solution

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Descartes Systems Group, a global leader in uniting logistics-focused businesses in commerce, has revealed that Arrive Logistics, an Austin-based multimodal transportation and technology company, is harnessing the power of Descartes MacroPoint™ to offer real-time visibility of freight movements across its extensive national network to its shipper customers. Through the integration of advanced automation in their freight tracking processes and industry-leading carrier compliance, this collaboration empowers Arrive Logistics to enhance its services to shippers and carriers alike.

In recognition of its commitment to tracking compliance across a substantial volume of freight, Arrive Logistics has recently been honored as a Top Carrier for 2023 by Descartes MacroPoint. This prestigious award is granted to carriers that consistently meet and uphold high standards of tracking compliance, a distinction earned by fewer than 1% of the carriers within the Descartes MacroPoint network. The implementation of automated tracking has enabled Arrive Logistics to achieve a higher level of performance and reduce transportation disruptions, further establishing the company as an increasingly valuable partner for its 6,000+ shippers and 70,000+ carriers.

J-Ann Tio, Chief Strategy Officer at Arrive Logistics, emphasized the company’s dedication to delivering exceptional service and value to their transportation partners. She stated, “Whether it’s enhancing connectivity or optimizing our relationships, we prioritize simplicity to make it as effortless as possible for our partners to collaborate with us. Partnering with the right technology solutions to complement our ARRIVEnow™ platform has been instrumental in helping Arrive Logistics secure 11 national service awards this year alone.”

Descartes MacroPoint is a versatile visibility platform designed to assist freight brokers, third-party logistics companies (3PLs), and shippers in gaining enhanced visibility into their freight operations and shipments. Carriers can seamlessly integrate with the solution through GPS-based electronic logging devices (ELDs), transportation management systems (TMS), or mobile app-based tracking methods. The platform empowers companies to exercise greater control over their supply chain, providing them with more efficient and high-quality data to enhance communication and decision-making. By leveraging Descartes MacroPoint, organizations can improve customer service, optimize distribution efficiency, foster better collaboration with customers, suppliers, and carriers, and minimize the repercussions of disruptions and late delivery penalties.

Dan Cicerchi, VP and General Manager of Transportation Management at Descartes, expressed his satisfaction with Arrive Logistics’ successful implementation of high-impact automation for carrier connectivity and freight tracking using their solution. He said, “By connecting to one of the most extensive global networks of carriers in the industry, brokerages, and their shipper customers gain real-time access to reliable and comprehensive freight tracking data. This empowers them to predict outcomes, manage exceptions, minimize costs, and support growth as they expand their operations.”

In conclusion, Arrive Logistics is driving innovation and efficiency in the world of logistics and freight tracking, and their partnership with Descartes MacroPoint is a testament to their commitment to delivering exceptional service to their partners in the transportation industry.