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  March 22nd, 2023 | Written by

ArcBest Launches Revolutionary Freight Movement Technology 

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Vaux™ freight movement technology transforms intralogistics processes, creating efficiencies that move supply chains forward.

ArcBest®, a leader in supply chain logistics, today announced the launch of Vaux™, an innovative suite of hardware and software that modernizes and transforms how freight is loaded, unloaded and transferred. Vaux enables the entire contents of a trailer to be unloaded in under five minutes and offers complete visibility into freight movement within warehouse facilities, on the dock and over the road. It creates extreme efficiencies and orchestrates seamless warehouse operations.

Vaux Freight Movement System

The Vaux Freight Movement System™ consists of the Vaux MP™ and MP Coupler, which enable freight handling operators to load and unload full trailers rapidly. They connect seamlessly into warehouse operations through the Vaux OS™, a suite of proprietary software that includes warehouse orchestration, operator fulfillment and MP Tracker.

The Vaux MP is a highly customizable mobile freight platform that fits inside a trailer. It is moved into and out of a trailer and around a warehouse using a standard forklift equipped with an MP Coupler, which is a patented device that enables a standard forklift to move the MP safely. The MP is moved out of the trailer in one swift movement, alleviating the need for multiple forklifts to enter trailers to work freight and reducing touches and damage and improving working conditions. The MP Coupler allows for a tight turn radius, enabling freight handling operators to move MPs to the optimal location in the warehouse — relieving dock congestion and allowing for efficient loading and unloading. With 360-degree access, freight handling operators can perform swarm processing, pulling product from the MP in seconds and entirely unloading in minutes.

The Vaux OS software stack integrates with existing warehouse management systems (WMS) to orchestrate movements and assign tasks based on work prioritization. Its tracking capabilities offer unprecedented visibility into operations. The Vaux OS gives warehouse supervisors real-time insights into freight moves, enabling better decisions that improve dock utilization, reduce costs and impact sustainability.

ArcBest began piloting Vaux in 2019, aiming to improve freight handling, reduce damage and improve working conditions in its own facilities. The company is now partnering with customers across various industries, including manufacturing, automotive and retail, to continue testing and learning in those environments.

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