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  August 10th, 2023 | Written by

5 Ways To Deliver Unparalleled Customer Experience For Last Mile Delivery

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We all have a favorite restaurant or fast food chain that we like to keep ordering from. Have you wondered what makes you return to the same restaurant/ fast food chain? Besides the food taste, quality, customer experience is the missing part of the puzzle. 

For example: You want to order burgers and fries from a restaurant. 

If the outlet offers you real-time Pre order ETA, you would be more likely to choose that restaurant/ outlet. As of 2023, more than 47% of dealers have a pre-order ETA on their website/app- Leadbox

Once the order is placed it updates the following- 

The order is being prepared → handed to the delivery driver → finally the driver will reach your doorstep within a certain ETA. 

All this information about keeping your customers updated about the orders enhances the brands trust and loyalty. If there is any breakdown observed in this flow, the customer will keep calling the restaurant, resulting in annoyed customers, poor rating and lower chance of retaining the customer. 

With rising orders per day, every restaurant owner/ manager should look to invest in a delivery management software. Customers are willing to pay 13- 18% premium price to receive premium customer experience, shows a PwC report.

These are the five ways you can ensure to deliver a seamless customer experience for last mile deliveries.

  • Real-time Tracking Information- As per modern business requirements, customers want complete transparency of their deliveries. Delivery management software will help customers monitor their order progress (at every stage). This allows them to plan their day accordingly, boosting customer experience and reducing anxiety about delayed deliveries. With tracking links, brands can also advertise their products with offers and coupons for future orders, to ensure customer retention. 
  • Automated Notifications- Having the customers notified about their orders is crucial, especially for last mile delivery. A restaurant that can offer delivery details like order confirmation, preparation time, order dispatch and ETA’s on delivery will be more likely to get return customers on their platform. The notifications can be sent via email, SMS or in-app notifications to keep customers updated throughout the delivery journey. 
  • White Labeling on Orders- White labeling is the process of having a brand profile being displayed for products/ services offered by other entities. When a customer places an order from a particular brand, having the delivery details mapped with the same brand ensures seamless communication. There’s no longer any confusion on the customers mind on who’s getting the orders delivered.
  • Complete Visibility of all Drivers- Whether using 3rd-party carriers, or own fleet, providing customers with driver visibility is of utmost importance. The ability to assign drivers dynamically based on proximity and delivery type will ensure smoother deliveries. The use of a delivery management software will help with auto-order allocation and the fastest routes to get customer orders delivered. 
  • Proof of Delivery- Once the order is successfully delivered, capturing delivery timestamps, photos or customer signature helps resolve delivery related issues. This can be shared with the customers as a proof of delivery, ensuring complete transparency in delivery.

Offering customers real-time tracking details, alerts and notifications, white labeled deliveries, proof of delivery and driver visibility in a single screen is the perfect recipe for unparalleled customer experience for last mile delivery.

This enhances customer retention, improves customer loyalty and revenue. The use of delivery management software will give additional benefits like route planning and optimization, seamless integration with 3rd-party systems and insights to delivery performance. Solutions such as LogiNext Mile can be your perfect partner for seamless last mile delivery. 


This blog enlightens about the most important piece of the puzzle in modern deliveries- Customer Experience. Learn about the 5 ways delivery management software helps with a seamless customer experience.

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