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  November 28th, 2017 | Written by


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You may be asking yourself why we chose to link what’s going on these days in the far-flung, ever-expanding world of global logistics with the happenings in a galaxy far, far away. It just made sense since critical to third party logistics and supply chain outfits is technology, including a generous sprinkling of robots, some of them with a bit more personality—and beeps—than others.

And, with both, expectations seem in a constant state of rising. Consider the supply chain where customers push retailers and manufacturers to not only keep shelves constantly stocked but to have items show up on their porches practically at the moment they ordered them online. In turn, retailers and manufacturers look the logistics industry to make the seemingly impossible happen … every day.

Big expectations make for a big job, which is why most clients of 3PLs and supply chain outfits aren’t looking to hire a company as much as a partner. It’s a world where they can have a constant conversation and a clear line of communication, one where technology leads to profitable transparency, a world where technology not only tells a client exactly where in the vast Pacific Ocean their shipment of ice cream is but its exact temperature at that moment.

Into that world, where the only constant is change, you’re going to need a guide, a guru, a Yoda—and we’re happy to fill the bill. And so, we’re offering you a broad menu of information, insight, advice and direction.

With more than a quarter of all logistics professionals at or nearing retirement age by 2020, Steve Lowery suggests the best resource for the supply chain professionals of tomorrow can be found within an unlikely group. Elaine Pofeldt provides invaluable tips when it comes to the complicated process of supply-chain financing. Looking for ways to shed extra days or dollars from your supply chain operation? Tim Rentowl shows you how to make it all a bit more efficient/profitable. Andy Uhlenberg weighs in on the ADI vs. EDI debate. As we all know, with new technology comes new security threats. Roy Macfarlane shows you some of the new and ever-evolving cyber threats to 3PLs and shippers of all sizes. Rounding out our package are profiles of four potential partners who can help you realize your logistics dreams.

It’s a rather packed itinerary for a journey through a rapidly changing world, one with big rewards navigable risks, please allow us to show you the way(s). (Robots optional.)