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Fraudsters may impersonate trusted vendors as well. Using a spoofed email, they may send notice that they’ve recently changed addresses or ACH routing information along with a fake invoice.

3 Common Invoicing Scams and How to Avoid Them

Invoicing and payments fraud can take a variety of forms: invoices from fictitious companies, invoices for products that were never delivered, for unusually high amounts, or as part of a phishing scheme. As your business grows and your vendor list gets larger, how do you stay on top of the validity of each invoice? Below are some common invoice fraud … Read More

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Nanobébé Selects Charleston for its U.S. Headquarters

Engineering revolutionary new designs for infant feeding systems

The Charleston region has added a new key player in life sciences, Nanobébé, which has engineered revolutionary new designs for infant feeding systems…. Read More

Trump Administration Trade Battles Continue

There are signs that the Administration is looking to de-escalate the global conflict over steel and aluminum.

There have been several important developments in regard to (1) U.S. use of Section 301 of the Trade Act of… Read More


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The business climate continues to improve, making this gateway to the Plains a perfect place for any concern looking to bridge the distance between Chicago and the East and the energy of the Upper Plains states.
Robert Peryea 10:20 AM  11/9/2018

Our 2018 Picks for the Top 100 Cities for Global Trade

Each year, Global Trade magazine takes the time to look at U.S. cities to guide our readers to the best places to do business. We choose these cities based on many factors: what they’ve done, what’s planned, and how global trade has responded to them. As with any list like this, there is always room for interpretation, but we feel that each of these cities, from the country’s largest to some tiny cities, all deserve to a look from anyone interested … Read More

Using its newfound oil wealth in the 1970s, Dubai started upgrading its infrastructure to become a commercial center in the Middle East.
Stephanie Williams 1:45 AM  10/25/2018

What corporations should know about operating in Abu Dhabi

Economists have long debated the effectiveness of laws enacted to spur economic development. But cities continue to try to create jobs and wealth, and some like Abu Dhabi seem to be doing something right. The capital of the United Arab Emirates in 2015 created a financial district where it relaxed tax and regulatory requirements to attract foreign investment. In three years, the Abu Dhabi Global Market has emerged as a vibrant business community featuring financial services companies and professional advisers. Writing laws … Read More

Global Logistics

Automation to change the supply chain pace in 2019

Industry Trends for 2019

Haylle Sok 5:12 PM  11/27/2018

GateHouse Logistics Company released information this week predicting changes to come for 2019 supply chain logistics in the form of increased automation and freight data usage, creating key optimizations within the supply chain sector. Through the sharing of information, businesses are more equipped to predict opportunities to strengthen their roles within the industry. “The year 2019 will see the supply chain … Read More

Site Selection

ENERGETIC TEAM PLAYERS: More utility companies offer expertise and incentives to businesses moving or opening within their service areas.


Taylor Girardi-Schachter 1:45 PM  11/14/2018

The site selection process can be complicated and costly—and many companies can use all the help they can get. Thankfully, local economic development corporations can offer incentives and assistance to new businesses entering their community. But in some places, such as Raleigh, North Carolina, and Bloomington, Indiana, the local utility companies are taking it a step forward by “energizing” the … Read More

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The company has launched its largest and most advanced clinical trial under direction of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to date.

Oral Insulin Moves Towards Becoming Reality in U.S., China

Oramed Pharmaceuticals 7:37 PM  12/12/2018

Diabetes is a growing concern world-wide with studies showing some 425 million adults have diabetes globally and that number is expected to reach 629 million by 2045. Now, oral insulin – the Holy Grail of diabetes care that has eluded researchers for decades, yet could improve the way diabetes is treated – is taking a major step towards becoming reality. Oramed … Read More


MBA programs offer concentrations in managing shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.
MBA GRADUATES: Those in logistics management are well-positioned to secure supply-chain jobs.
GT Staff 12:29 AM  6/11/2018

Logistics and Supply Chain MBA Programs

A growing number of universities in the United States are offering Masters in Business Administration programs—many of them online—with concentrations in logistics management and other related fields—such as supply-chain management, process reengineering, information technology, strategic planning, and shipping. And for good reason: market demand for supply chain and logistics professionals is growing and so are salaries in the field. Logistics in the U.S. is a $1.3 trillion industry and growing. MBAs in logistics management are well-positioned to secure jobs as … Read More

Academic programs enhance skills in the management of shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.
WRITING ON THE WALL: It’s proven that advanced degrees enrich logistics professionals in multiple ways.
Peter Buxbaum 12:31 AM  3/26/2018


Market demand for supply chain and logistics professionals is growing and so are salaries in the field. Studies show that businesses are filling 270,000 logistics jobs a year and that employment in the field will have increased 22 percent between 2012 and 2022. If you’ve got an undergraduate degree, earning a master’s may be the best bet to a higher salary. The Institute for Supply Management says a supply chain professional with a master’s degree earns 25 percent more than one … Read More

Education programs for executives in companies with shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.
THE FIRST COHORT OF STUDENTS SURROUNDS SIR JAMES DYSON (Image: Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology)
Todd Mathews 12:04 AM  9/28/2017


The University of South Dakota Beacom School of Business now offers an online Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) with Operations and Supply Chain Management specialization. Enrollees “benefit from in-depth study of supply chain management, lean management, quality control and other topics relevant in today’s rapidly evolving global market,” according to Beacom School of Business officials. In addition to the core M.B.A. courses that prepare students for leadership in any business role, those on the Operations and Supply Chain Management tract can … Read More