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Crowley's investment in Puerto Rico will enable the carrier top transport more shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.

Crowley Breaks Ground on $48.5 Million Pier and Terminal Construction Project

Crowley Puerto Rico Services, Inc. has broken ground on a $48.5-million construction project for a new pier at its Isla Grande Terminal in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The project includes the development of a new 900-foot-long, 114-foot-wide concrete pier and all associated dredging needed to accommodate Crowley’s two new liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered, Commitment Class ships, which are scheduled for delivery in 2017. Crowley’s terminal expansion also includes the installation of … Read More



Neil Cotiaux 10:19 AM  10/2/2015 BARRELING AHEAD
Tom Lix is taking his speed-aged bourbon into Asia as soon as possible.

Photos: Chris Langer

There are millions of people in the People’s Republic of China who need a good, stiff drink right about now, and Tom Lix, chief executive officer of Cleveland Whiskey, aims to give it to them. The question is when. With Black Monday’s rout on the Shanghai Composite Index erasing all of 2015’s gains and wiping… Read More

Lodge Cast Iron Whips Up International Sales For Its High-Quality Cookware, Especially In Asia

Matt Coker 9:39 AM  10/2/2015 AMERICAN MADE Lodge Cast Iron makes all of its products in the U.S.A. except for its enamel line, and which is made in China where Lodge personnel inspect suppliers twice every year.

That a cowboy fell in love with cast-iron cooking on a Nevada cattle drive and went home to evangelize about a Tennessee-made dutch oven may not sound that unusual until you learn the cowboy is a former advertising executive from Tokyo. Hitoshi Kikuchi had been working with advertising and public relations giant Dentsu when he… Read More

How 3D Printing Will Shape The Future Of Manufacturing

John W. Mitchell 9:46 AM  8/12/2015 ADAPT AND SURVIVE The difficulty of filling an apprenticeship program that required 10,000 hours to train workers in mold patternmaking threatened Danko’s business. 3D printing, known as additive manufacturing, has made that problem obsolete.

A foundry seems an unlikely place for a technology revolution. The artisan task of heating metal into molten, then pouring it into molds to make the earliest swords and plowshares is a process that dates back to medieval times. Yet Danko Arlington Inc., a foundry on the west side of Baltimore, has embraced emerging 3D… Read More

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A New Path to an MIT Supply Chain Management Master’s Degree

GT Staff 8:00 AM  10/16/2015 MIT's supply-chain management master's degree prepares professionals for efficiently managing shipments of export cargo and shipments of import cargo in international trade.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced a pilot program allowing students a new way to earn a master’s degree in supply-chain management (SCM). Learners can take a semester’s worth of courses in the one-year program completely online, then complete the degree by spending a single semester on campus. The pilot will be led by Professor… Read More

Master's In Supply Chain Management

Patrick Dooley 11:35 AM  10/1/2015 UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO In addition to online coursework, students of USD’s MS-SCM program travel to campus for five three-day residences.

Brenda Patton can’t talk much about her employer—as is the nature of government contractors—but she’s happy to talk about how her Master’s of Science in Supply Chain Management (MS-SCM) from the University of San Diego (USD) has made her a company asset. Patton, like thousands of other professionals, supplemented her education with financial support from… Read More

University of Arkansas Offers Preparation Course for Supply Chain Professionals

Peter Buxbaum 7:00 AM  9/14/2015 Students who comlpete the U of A course and become APJICS certified will be qualified to develop logistics and supply chain plans for companies helping them to mroe efficiently move cargo through their supply chains, including imports and exports.

Supply-chain professionals seeking to enhance their careers can register online for a 12-week preparation course for a certification exam beginning Thursday, October 1, at the University of Arkansas Global Campus in Rogers. The Global Campus is partnering with the Northwest Arkansas Chapter of APICS, a professional association for supply chain and operations management, to offer… Read More




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