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“Not only do we need to improve the technological advancement of our warehouse, but we need to update our thought process also."

Report Reveals Warehousing Strategy Game-Changers

In 2019, warehousing companies might want to consider the use of unmanned aerial vehicles as an option for delivery. The top two of key differentiators companies consider drivers for change in warehouse usage was the need for lowered transportation costs (at 42.7 percent) while others cited the need for shortened delivery times and (40.5 percent), according to a Zebra Technology … Read More

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Zero Emissions Efforts Continue for the Golden State

The California Air Resources Board has officially adopted the Innovative Clean Transit regulation that requires  the implementation of a zero-emissions… Read More

Nanobébé Selects Charleston for its U.S. Headquarters

Engineering revolutionary new designs for infant feeding systems

The Charleston region has added a new key player in life sciences, Nanobébé, which has engineered revolutionary new designs for infant feeding systems…. Read More


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What follows is a rundown of each of our target California cities, with the nightly rates being what was quoted on Dec. 10, 2018.
Matt Coker 6:43 PM  1/3/2019


California is a big state, one of the biggest, actually, with its 163,696 square miles making it the third largest in the United States in terms of area and its 39.5 million residents making it the most populous in America. When it comes to travel to or within the Golden State on business, there is no single destination that is a central location to the hubs of industry, unless that industry is agriculture, in which case just about anywhere in the … Read More

The business climate continues to improve, making this gateway to the Plains a perfect place for any concern looking to bridge the distance between Chicago and the East and the energy of the Upper Plains states.
Robert Peryea 10:20 AM  11/9/2018

Our 2018 Picks for the Top 100 Cities for Global Trade

Each year, Global Trade magazine takes the time to look at U.S. cities to guide our readers to the best places to do business. We choose these cities based on many factors: what they’ve done, what’s planned, and how global trade has responded to them. As with any list like this, there is always room for interpretation, but we feel that each of these cities, from the country’s largest to some tiny cities, all deserve to a look from anyone interested … Read More

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It’s important for warehouse managers to optimize existing space since developing new property is often a long and arduous endeavor.

Optimizing Your Warehouse Space—and People—For Peak Performance

Frank Granieri, COO of A. Duie Pyle 9:43 PM  1/15/2019

The freight transportation industry is traditionally not overwhelmed by the peak holiday shipping pandemonium recently experienced by some prominent logistics providers, but for integrated providers offering multiple supply chain services, warehousing is one area that often comes under strain from consumers and partner companies during this time. While the distribution process frequently ends at a consumer’s front door in a … Read More

Site Selection

ENERGETIC TEAM PLAYERS: More utility companies offer expertise and incentives to businesses moving or opening within their service areas.


Taylor Girardi-Schachter 1:45 PM  11/14/2018

The site selection process can be complicated and costly—and many companies can use all the help they can get. Thankfully, local economic development corporations can offer incentives and assistance to new businesses entering their community. But in some places, such as Raleigh, North Carolina, and Bloomington, Indiana, the local utility companies are taking it a step forward by “energizing” the … Read More

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. Lean manufacturing principles can impact the average producer in a powerful way that extends beyond just financial gains.

The Power of Lean Manufacturing: A Complete Guide

Iram Chavez 4:31 PM  1/2/2019

In post WWII Japan, Toyota developed a revolutionary production process now known as lean manufacturing. This highly successful method for reducing waste, improving flow, and increasing production began as a method to compete with Western automakers and soon became a revolutionary production mentality the world over. As a systematic way to increase efficiency and better please customers, lean principles run counter … Read More


PULLING HIS FREIGHT: Keeping those tracks safe is the point of the Rail Cyber Security Summit.
GT Staff 9:32 PM  1/7/2019


Global experts prepare to gather Feb. 19-20 in The Netherlands to discuss the threat of cyber security to rail and tips on managing and mitigating risks through two days of presentations and case study evaluations. This year’s Rail Cyber Summit will provide an array of opportunities to gain a competitive advantage in the rail industry along with education and networking options. The fourth annual summit, which is being held this year at the Crowne-Plaza hotel in Amsterdam, features open discussions on … Read More

MBA programs offer concentrations in managing shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.
MBA GRADUATES: Those in logistics management are well-positioned to secure supply-chain jobs.
GT Staff 12:29 AM  6/11/2018

Logistics and Supply Chain MBA Programs

A growing number of universities in the United States are offering Masters in Business Administration programs—many of them online—with concentrations in logistics management and other related fields—such as supply-chain management, process reengineering, information technology, strategic planning, and shipping. And for good reason: market demand for supply chain and logistics professionals is growing and so are salaries in the field. Logistics in the U.S. is a $1.3 trillion industry and growing. MBAs in logistics management are well-positioned to secure jobs as … Read More

Academic programs enhance skills in the management of shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.
WRITING ON THE WALL: It’s proven that advanced degrees enrich logistics professionals in multiple ways.
Peter Buxbaum 12:31 AM  3/26/2018


Market demand for supply chain and logistics professionals is growing and so are salaries in the field. Studies show that businesses are filling 270,000 logistics jobs a year and that employment in the field will have increased 22 percent between 2012 and 2022. If you’ve got an undergraduate degree, earning a master’s may be the best bet to a higher salary. The Institute for Supply Management says a supply chain professional with a master’s degree earns 25 percent more than one … Read More