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Key technoloigies for online retailers to manage sales and shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.

Retailers: Invest in Digital Offerings

Retail sales rose 0.6 percent in December, according to the US Commerce Department, showing a relatively flat holiday spending period after a 0.2 rise in November. However, online retailers reported better sales, indicating a growing need for the integration of ecommerce and use of real-time data within retailers’ customer experience. Digital disruption is driving fundamental changes in business models across nearly … Read More

Introducing Global Trade 101

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Trump, Trade Deals, and Tariffs

All Covered in New Global Trade Report

Panjiva, a global trade intelligence platform, unveiled a new report, the Panjiva Global Trade Outlook – 2017. The report serves to educate business and investment industry professionals on the policy, economic and logistics issues likely to shape the future of global trade as President-elect Donald Trump takes office. It highlights issues including the impact of… Read More

Four Forces Will Shape Chao’s Tenure as Transportation Secretary

The Easy Work Will End Once She Gets Confirmed

The Senate held confirmation hearings for President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to head the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), Elaine Chao, last week, and all signs point towards a smooth confirmation vote. Yet the easy work will end once she gets confirmed. Already, major currents shaping American governance and prosperity—shifting public finance, rapid technological progress, a… Read More


Compare Over 100 3PLs Instantly

Patrick Dooley 3:54 PM  12/7/2016


With the new year fast approaching and bringing with it the Trump era, global traders have much to consider while preparing for changes in 2017 and beyond. This year’s Global Logistics Planning Guide is here to help you in the immediate, with supply-chain advice for integrating with a 3PL (Pg. 50), shipping by air to Asia (Pg. 54), intermodal cross border options (Pg. 58), hiring a drayage carrier (Pg. 62) and whether you should set up your own warehousing (Pg. … Read More

Peter Buxbaum 3:41 PM  12/7/2016


Are you thinking about operating your own warehouse? If you’re new to exporting that’s probably not the best idea. But keep that thought in mind for future reference and circle back once you’ve grown. Warehousing, at its most basic level, involves leasing a certain amount of square footage. But especially when it comes to exporting, it can mean so much more than that. If you’re new to exporting, for instance, do you know whether your products require special packaging or labeling? … Read More

Global Logistics

Route planning software optimize deliveries of shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.

New Multi-Route Software Features

GT Staff 1:34 AM  1/20/2017

OnTerra Systems, a technology leader in web mapping, route optimization, and Bing Maps licensing and services, has introduced new features for optimizing multiple routes for fleets for its RouteSavvy route planner software. RouteSavvy’s new multi-route features streamline the process of optimizing routes for multiple vehicles down to a simple, three-step process. RouteSavvy is an affordable, functional alternative to Microsoft’s MapPoint software, … Read More

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Keeping carrier in the US will reduce shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.

Trump’s Carrier Deal: Positive or Dangerous Precedent?

360 7:29 AM  12/9/2016

It wasn’t that long ago that Republicans on the campaign trail attacked Democrats for destructive interference in the private sector. They cited President Obama’s support for the Solyndra Corporation as an example of the government picking winners and loser—and not doing it particularly well. In recent days, many of those same Republicans have praised President-elect Donald Trump for reaching an agreement … Read More

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Special Reports

SS Bluefields sunk during World War II while carrying shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.

Exploring Ocean Shipping Casualty of World War II

Peter Buxbaum 12:12 AM  8/30/2016

The United States had been in World War II for less than a year, but the fight was coming close to the nation’s shores. In July 1942, off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, the German U-boat U-576 sank the Nicaraguan-flagged freighter SS Bluefields. But it came at a steep price: the merchant ship convoy and its U.S. military escorts fought back, sinking … Read More


Bob Andelman 11:45 AM  12/6/2016


What are the reasons to continue your education in supply-chain management? If you’re the chief executive, what reasons might you have to support employees interested in returning to school? Employees need to know how squeezing night and weekend classes into an already busy work/life schedule will be advantageous to the bottom line upon the completion of a degree in supply-chain management (SCM). We talked to executives, educators and recent graduates to learn these 12 reasons to master supply-chain management. KEY DIFFERENTIATOR Supply chain “is … Read More

Program wiull educate managers of ports that handle shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.
GT Staff 12:31 AM  10/20/2016

AAPA, Lamar University to Sign Port Management Education Agreement

On the heels of entering into a memorandum of understanding in June to provide mutually-beneficial educational and professional development opportunities to help students and port professionals, the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) and Lamar University will sign a program agreement on October 26 that reflects their shared commitment in preparing port industry professionals and leaders for future opportunities and challenges. The agreement will be signed on the final day of AAPA’s 105th Annual Convention and Expo, in New Orleans, October … Read More

Executive education program teaches state transportation officials how to keep shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade moving during disaster or atttack.
GT Staff 12:03 AM  9/11/2016

Transportation Agencies Prepare for Attack or Disaster

In the event of a terrorist attack or natural disaster, state transportation departments must maintain open transportation routes for critical response. To achieve this, personnel must receive effective emergency management training. A new report from the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI), Emergency Management Training for Transportation Personnel, documents and analyzes the benefits of an interactive approach to training for adults. This information is useful for all transportation agency training departments as they design and deliver federally-mandated courses. Principal investigator Frances Edwards and team … Read More


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