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  March 28th, 2017 | Written by

ZIM Unveils Restructured Network

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  • ZIM’s ZMP service will serve the Asia-Pacific Northwest and the Asia–East-Med/Black Sea trades.
  • ZIM’s ZMP service offers fast link from Asia to the Pacific Northwest through Vancouver gateway.
  • ZIM CEO: The upgraded ZIM network allows for broad operational and commercial flexibility.

ZIM has introduced the final phase of its new network, to begin April 2017.

ZIM’s new service ZIM MED PACIFIC (ZMP), will serve both the Asia-Pacific Northwest trade and the Asia–East-Med/Black Sea trades. The service will deploy 15 4,500-TEU vessels. That, the carriers said, allows for operational advantages and high schedule reliability, along with competitive transit time and high service levels.

In the Asia-Pacific Northwest Trade, ZMP offers a fast link from Asia to the Pacific Northwest, connecting major ports in South East Asia and China to the Vancouver gateway, with competitive transit times and a smooth rail link to inland destinations in the US and Canada. The service also boasts expanded coverage of Asian ports and smooth connection to ZIM’s intra-Asia network via the Port Kelang hub. This new line offers two new direct calls from Cai Mep, Vietnam, and Xiamen, China.

In the Asia–East-Med/Black Sea trade, ZMP offers fast and efficient link between Asia and the East Med/Black sea ports including a unique direct call to Novorossiysk, with connections to regional networks. ZMP customers benefit from ZIM’s extensive Med network and top service levels in terminals, relying on ZIM’s long experience and operational advantages in the region; along with wide coverage of Asian ports and smooth access to ZIM’s Intra-Asia network of regional services.

“The upgraded ZIM network, mostly operated independently by ZIM, allows for broad operational and commercial flexibility and first-rate service levels to our customers,” said ZIM CEO Rafi Danieli. “ZIM’s focus on customer service will be further enhanced in the framework of this improved structure.”

ZIM is also launching a new India–East-Med/Black Sea string, India Med Express (IMX), with the following a rotation to include Mundra – Hazira – Nava Sheva – Colombo – Alexandria – Haifa – Mersin – Istanbul – Mundra.

IMX enhances ZIM’s growing activity in the Indian sub-continent, which includes a significantly upgraded portfolio, as well a cooperation agreement with Avvashya-CCI Logistics, a subsidiary of Allcargo Logistics Limited, to provide logistics services in India to ZIM customers.