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  October 22nd, 2014 | Written by

Zales Plans Major Asian Marketing Campaign

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Los Angeles, CA – Zalemark Holding Company Inc. has sent its top designer, Steven Zale, to its factories in Thailand to prepare, in advance, the sample line concepts to bring to market for the launch of its jewelry brand.

Zalemark is expected to announce details of the long-term project in a few weeks.

“We feel that this new and unique jewelry line will revolutionize the industry and provide a stellar launching pad for this iconic brand’s entry into the jewelry market,” said Warren K. Nobusada, Zalemark’s newly-appointed chairman and CEO.

The result, he said, “will be an innovative, ‘must have’ line of jewelry that appeals to jewelry lovers from pre-teens to adults that will be set apart for its distinctiveness, beauty, and appealingly colorful design, resulting in an inventive, high-quality and high-profile presence in the jewelry industry for this important company’s brand and for Zalemark.”