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  February 7th, 2019 | Written by

Woman Leader Barbara Yeninas Breaks Gender Barriers

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Barbara Yeninas started her career as a maritime journalist, covering stories in the midst of the most historic moments in feminist history. For example, the day women were burning their bras in Atlantic City, she was out covering a story on the longshore wildcat strike on the New York-New Jersey waterfront. Decades later, Yeninas is proud to be the CEO and founder of  BSYA and senior advisor of the Containerization & Intermodal Institute (CII).
Throughout the years, Yeninas developed a thorough understanding of what it takes to create a successful business. Put together, these characteristics create the most productivity and efficiency. “From day one nearly 45 years ago, it has been a spirit of teamwork,” she says. “Acknowledging the strengths of each member of your team and ensuring that each person feels valued for what he or she can contribute to the overall effort on behalf of our clients is very empowering. You cannot teach team spirit, it has to be in your DNA.”
Yeninas also adds that staying one step ahead of the industry through good old-fashioned reading and research are critical to keeping clients happy. “I read a great deal and encourage others to do so as well. It feels good for both your client and you to be literally on the same page when it comes to what is happening in the industry. For example, in the early days of containerization, it was all about the new ships, maiden voyages parties. … While the ocean carriers were slower to embrace technology, today it is all about technology and by working on staying informed we bring value to our clients’ marketing communication strategies.”
She ends with a special message for a certain group. “For the naysayers who said  BSYA Inc. would not last six months, I say to those still around that whatever gender you are, we all deserve to succeed. I am very proud of the client relationships that have helped fill our roster of those who have stuck with us for four decades and longer.”