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  October 16th, 2015 | Written by

WiseTech Global Announces Union with Core Freight Systems

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  • WiseTech Global and Core Freight have been working together to integrate their supply-chain systems.
  • WiseTech Global’s CargoWise One will have an embedded South African customs module.
  • Core Freight exec: The technological demands in the global logistics industry are rising at a critical pace.

WiseTech Global, a supply-chain technology development company, announced it has joined forces with Core Freight Systems to provide a more complete solution to South African logistics providers.

The two companies have been working together to integrate WiseTech Global’s supply chain solution, CargoWise One, with Core Freight’s existing system.

In the medium term CargoWise One will have a new, embedded, state-of-the-art South African customs module for its customers. The existing Core Freight software will continue to be maintained for the foreseeable future to facilitate the ongoing operation of its customers’ businesses.

“Our union with WiseTech Global ensures that we will be able to continue providing the best solutions for our customers,” explains Jonathan Sims of Core Freight. “It is clear that the technological demands within the global logistics industry are rising at a critical pace. In order for us, and our customers, to remain world-class, we need to increase our investment and deploy a wider range of internationally leading functionality. We came to realize that we can do much more for our customers and southern Africa by joining with WiseTech Global.”

“Our focus and investment in South Africa represents a significant commitment to raise the service level of our EMEA [Europe, the Middle East and Africa] customers through our commitment to South Africa,” said Richard White, CEO and founder of WiseTech Global. “It is our plan to grow our staff numbers to more than 200 IT personnel and to put our South African offices at the heart of our global support and development strategy.

“Customers who operate both globally and/or locally, whether big or small,” White added, “will have increased access to automation and productivity improvements, exposure to modern world class systems, broad comprehensive functionality with the ability to scale and grow into many new and exciting logistics operations, and sales, management and financial capabilities—using as much or as little as they feel suits their needs.”