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  July 23rd, 2021 | Written by

Why Mobility is Vital for Maintenance Management

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  • The maintenance sector continues to benefit from technological advancements. 
  • Out of sight, out of mind. This saying is particularly true for inventory.
  • A CMMS that is operable on a smartphone instantly increases flexibility and communication among employees.

Companies are fortunate enough to be operating during a time when there are several technological advancements regularly occurring in several sectors, including the maintenance sector. From 5g technology to predictive maintenance conducted with the assistance of sensors. The maintenance sector continues to benefit from technological advancements. 

A technological advancement that is sometimes overlooked is the smartphone. We often take for granted the benefits of a mobile device. However, the system can provide many benefits for businesses too. Many companies have already begun integrating mobile applications into their processes and cannot imagine conducting maintenance operations without them. 

While several maintenance applications are operable on a smartphone, from enterprise asset management systems to integrated workplace management systems. The focus will be on computerized maintenance management systems

While a CMMS is often usually operated from a fixed desktop within a workstation, this option has never fully gelled with the responsibilities undertaken by a maintenance manager. Maintenance requires employees who are energetic and proactive. Aways on the move. While administrative duties are unavoidable, they cannot be the core focus of a maintenance manager. With this in mind, mobile devices can be seen as a tool that can leverage the benefits of a CMMS and respond to how maintenance employees operate. It is also important to note that in the current business environment a lot more is expected of employees. When you couple this with an increase in machine production, maintenance employees are expected to be more responsive and attend to the task as soon as possible.

A CMMS that is operable on a smartphone instantly increases flexibility and communication among employees. The system provides flexibility by providing a platform for employees to access information whenever they require it. Having the ability to access information whenever necessary means that maintenance employees are empowered to be more responsive when conducting their tasks. Employees can also communicate more effectively when it comes to maintenance activities as they have a platform to upload and review information. Previously this would have had to be done through email or call, which leaves the employees open to miscommunication. Now employees can access and communicate in a simplified way over the CMMS platform. 

Features of a CMMS

Let’s look at some of the features that make a mobile CMMS application vital for so many companies, or whether mobile capabilities are just a nice-to-have.

Work order assignment and monitoring 

Often the first function that comes to mind when looking at the benefits of a mobile CMMS. With a mobile CMMS, employees can be more agile in the way they conduct their work orders. If an employee spots a problem with one of the assets, they can immediately send a notification via the CMMS. This will result in a work order being created and sent to the relevant technician. 

Another benefit of a mobile CMMS is that the manager that oversees the facility, factory or plant, does not need to present to get feedback. Once the technician finishes their work they can upload the details onto the application for review. 

Access inventory on the go

Out of sight, out of mind. This saying is particularly true for inventory. Within large enterprises inventory, such as spare parts or lubricants, is vital. However, often the teams in charge of these items cannot recall whether they have these items or not and how much of it they do have. With a CMMS inventory, data can easily be uploaded and accessed at any time. This allows for efficient utilization when necessary. The accessibility of the information can also help the supply chain team with data that will reduce the company from making unnecessary purchases. 

Keeping track of spare parts is also much easier with a CMMS. The ability to know what spare parts are needed, and what is available can increase the speed at which maintenance and repairs are completed. 

Develop and access maintenance schedules

Maintenance schedules are vital, and one of the main benefits of implementing a CMMS is to simplify the maintenance scheduling process. Having the ability to access the maintenance schedule of a mobile CMMS is just as important. Schedules are more accessible to a maintenance team through a mobile CMMS app. This means that employees can come into the factory in the morning and know exactly what activities they need to conduct for the day. More importantly, with the insight received from being on the floor, technicians can assist in creating more accurate maintenance schedules. 


After looking at the benefits a mobile CMMS provides to employees. From operational flexibility to simplified access to information. We can see that a CMMS with mobile capabilities is no longer a luxury in today’s work environment. But rather a necessity that enables maintenance employees and technicians to operate at the optimal potential. 


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