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  April 21st, 2016 | Written by

WeMarket Launches Global B2B Marketplace

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  • WeMarket Karma presents reliability ratings, including credit scores, business profiles, and user ratings.
  • Personalized B2B marketplace offers access to $6 trillion-plus in global trade potential.
  • WeMarket was founded by Bas Beerens, creator of WeTransfer.

WeMarket has launched the first business-to-business only marketplace, allowing buyers and suppliers to trade with new business partners all over the world in a personal, safe and transparent online environment.

WeMarket, from the founder of easy file-transfer service WeTransfer, enables companies of all product categories to trade globally on one platform and explore areas of business that would otherwise have remained uncharted. More than 30 industries are already trading on WeMarket, after joining the marketplace during the beta phase that started in the summer of 2015. Product placements are rapidly growing, varying from wine to consumer electronics and refined oil to fashion apparel. Currently, products on the marketplace include brands such as Nike, Samsung, Castrol, Riverdale Mills Corporation, Volkswagen, and Dom Perignon.

Online trade is expected to gain 27 percent of total B2B trade by 2020 at a calculated value of $6.7 trillion. Buyers and suppliers all over the world are looking for ways to utilize the digital market’s potential, and WeMarket has filled that need.

“Small and large companies are tired of missing out on billions of dollars in trade opportunities currently hibernating in non-transparency and old-fashioned tradesmanship,” said Patrick Steenkist, CEO of WeMarket. “WeMarket promises to make an end to this status quo, by enabling international trade for a variety of companies – from large to small brands, retailers, distributors and many more. It’s 2016! Connecting is easy and instant now. WeMarket’s online marketplace empowers companies to get in touch quickly and overcome boundaries. This will stimulate global trade.”

WeMarket gives companies new opportunities to grow trusted relationships in the market through WeMarket Karma, a cutting-edge reliability rating, which includes credit scores, business profiles, and user ratings. WeMarket Karma will also include a buyer and supplier’s impact and actual trade behavior, such as timely delivery and payment. WeMarket Insights consists of a personalized dashboard that provides real-time updates of the products that are in stock or demand. WeMarket also provides companies with a segmented targeting feature that allows companies to market their products by country, industry, and product category.

“WeMarket helps us connect with relevant buyers on a marketplace that’s safe and exclusively built for B2B,” says Piet Kruijt, Managing Director at Segway Netherlands. “It opens up new customer groups we couldn’t get in touch with or even knew existed. WeMarket has connected us to a supplier in the horticulture sector, which turned out to be a great fit for us. These kinds of opportunities are very promising and we expect WeMarket to become an essential part of our distribution strategy.”

“Growing your business by taking a chance on new opportunities is appealing,” said Gijs van den Broek, CCO of WeMarket. “However, it’s often time-consuming, since trusted relationships aren’t built in a day. Well, we believe they can be built in a split second. We use the vast amount of trading data generated by our users to equip them with the tools to seize opportunities they would otherwise have missed.”

Feedback and new insights from companies that are using WeMarket since the beta phase have been incorporated to create an improved and strengthened marketplace. WeMarket’s user-orientated marketplace is intuitive, inventory files can be uploaded for easy product placement and the integration with service partners such as UPS, Dun & Bradstreet, SGS, and American Express has been taken to the next level. These features make B2B trade more streamlined and eliminates hassle. Companies can sign up for free unlimited trading, as WeMarket employs a Freemium model with paid premium features in the future.