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  December 2nd, 2020 | Written by

Warehouse Productivity: 7 KPIs to Follow

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Dock occupancy, inventory management, wave advancement: to manage your warehouse efficiently and increase productivity, certain key indicators must be carefully monitored. Generix Group has brought together in an infographic the 7 main KPIs whose control in a WMS will allow you to optimize your operations.

Which performance indicators should be used?

Generix Group experts have identified 7 indicators to evaluate center performance and facilitate continuous warehouse management.

1. The missions and assignments of forklift drivers, to redistribute and adjust their load according to their activity.

2. Missing products and supply, to visualize potential future shortages and trigger stock replenishments.

3. Product sorting, to inspect the products before separating them on the platform.

4. Wave advancement, to optimize processing.

5. Packer management, to assess packer productivity and establish statistics.

6. Manning the docks, for real-time visibility of occupancy rates.

7. Advancing rotations, to view the operational flows presented by each round of deliveries.

Understanding KPIs to increase warehouse productivity

The productivity of a warehouse is central to a company’s growth strategy. It is therefore essential for logistics professionals to rely on the performance data collected by the tools at the warehouse’s disposal, and to know how to interpret them.

The Generix WMS solution relies on the group’s 30 years of logistics experience. It is aimed at all players in the sector, manufacturers, wholesalers or logistics providers, and adapts to all warehouses, regardless of size. Its role is to best support professionals in the management of their logistics operations, combining productivity, agility and cost optimization.

Managing a warehouse is a complex task, but warehouse management software has been designed to support logistics professionals and give them paths for optimization.  Want to review the management of your warehouse? Want to simplify its operations and increase productivity? Download the complete WMS guide or seek advice from Generix Group experts.


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