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  January 5th, 2017 | Written by

Volkswagen Logistics Delivered Five Million Vehicles in 2016

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  • Volkswagen Group Logistics handled over five-million vehicles in 2016.
  • Volkswagen logistics supplied production materials of over 2.6 billion cubic feet in 2016.
  • Volkswagen's network includes 8,500 suppliers, 69 components plants, 72 vehicle plants, and 153 sales markets.

In 2016, Volkswagen Group Logistics played a key role in achieving the good delivery figures of the company. Over five-million vehicles were handled and dispatched for Europe and for export.

In addition to delivering vehicles, Volkswagen Group Logistics works with company assembly plants to ensure that production materials are supplied as required. In 2016, international shipments of production materials totaled over 2.6 billion cubic feet.

“We can look back on a good year in logistics,” said Thomas Zernechel, Head of Volkswagen Group Logistics. “We have achieved a lot both in operations and in strategic terms. We have handled more than five-million vehicles for the group in Europe. And we have defined new fields of action for the realignment of logistics to meet future requirements together with the brands.”

Volkswagen Group Logistics is responsible for the cross-brand planning and management of material and vehicle logistics processes along the value stream or delivery chain. The main challenge in logistics is to pool the shipping volumes of the group within a network of 8,500 suppliers, 69 components plants, 72 vehicle plants, and 153 sales markets.

In 2016, logistics ensured that 5.2 million vehicles produced were shipped to their destinations on schedule by land, sea, via rail, truck and ship. About 2.5 million vehicles were shipped by sea in more than 8,700 consignments, according to Volkswagen Group. Of the 2.6 billion cubic feet of production material delivered, nearly 50 million cubic feet were delivered to plants outside of Europe.

In 2016, several synergy initiatives were created or expanded together with the 12 brands of the Volkswagen Group. Logistics facilities were established at the new locations in Mexico, Poland, and Slovakia and a cross-brand packaging plant was initiated for the Volkswagen passenger cars, commercial vehicles and Audi brands.

For 2017, Volkswagen Group Logistics is focusing on new logistics concepts for vehicles with alternative powertrains, the updating of logistics standards, and the autonomous movement of materials and vehicles. The digital transformation of logistics and the associated transformation of skills and know-how, will also be occupying the time and effort of Volkswagen Group Logistics.