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  October 8th, 2015 | Written by

Volga-Dnepr Has Growing Relationship With Project Engineering Company Telekom-Zapad

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  • Volga-Dnepr delivered a 500-pound shipment to Yakutsk using the belly capacity of a passenger aircraft.
  • Volga-Dnepr’s business with Telekom-Zapad marks its growing presence in the Russian logistics market.
  • Volga-Dnepr logistics division was established in 2014 as part of the company’s “cargo supermarket” strategy.

Volga-Dnepr Group’s growing third-party logistics division in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States has organized the delivery of over 190 tons of shipments for the project engineering company, Telekom-Zapad.

The cooperation started with Volga-Dnepr delivering a 500-pound shipment of cable samples to Yakutsk in the Russian Far East, located 280 miles south of the Arctic Circle, using the belly cargo capacity of a passenger aircraft. Transportation of further shipments was completed by road and rail. Volga-Dnepr has also provided cargo warehousing, packing and insurance services.

Volga-Dnepr’s logistics team has arranged deliveries in support of this customer over a total combined distance of 44,000 miles. The relationship is evidence of Volga-Dnepr’s growing presence in the Russian logistics market.

“The customer was satisfied with our service performance for the first shipment and returned to us with a requirement for a series of cable shipments for the Yakutsk Fuel and Energy Company,” said Georgiy Shklyanik, head of logistics at Volga-Dnepr Airlines. “Some 190 tons of cable were carried by road and rail from Moscow to Kysyl-Syr and Bolshaya Markha in the Yakutsk region. Most recently we have arranged the trucking of a five-ton outsize low-voltage switchboard from Minsk, Belarus, to Yakutsk. We are now seeing a growing level of inquiries for our logistics services.”

Volga-Dnepr’s logistics division was established in 2014 as part of the company’s evolving “cargo supermarket” strategy and service offering.

The division is charged with providing in-house ground logistics support for Volga-Dnepr Airlines and AirBridgeCargo Airlines, and also offers direct third-party logistics services to outside organizations using all modes of ground transport as well as air transport services contracted from other airlines. Volga-Dnepr now works with over 120 subcontractors in Russia and the CIS and currently serves over 100 customers.