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Started Logistics: 1979
Serves: Global
HQ: Kuwait
Revenue: $4,452
Employees: 20,000
Warehouses: 200
Sq. Ft.: 11 million

Starting as a modest warehouse provider, Agility has grown to have more than 20,000 employees operating in more than 100 countries. Those employees are employed by more than 40 logistics brands which Agility has acquired, companies which offer a range of services from freight forwarding to supply-chain management to real estate to defense and government services.

Started Logistics: 1979
Serves: International
Revenue: $326
Employees: 804
Warehouses: 32
Sq. Ft.: 0.74 million

AIT’s adaptability showed when it expedited an air shipment of networking equipment to India. Having prepped the shipment, AIT quickly navigated India’s notoriously difficult import rules which demanded printed instruction manuals—so an AIT executive printed and bound more than 200 pages by hand. AIT even found a way to overcome the end-user not having the required import license. The package arrived ahead of deadline.

Started Logistics: 1945
Serves: N. America
Revenue: $18
Employees: 250
Warehouses: 7
Sq. Ft.: 1 million

Though it offers a full complement of transportation services and services required to manage a global supply chain—including customs brokerage, freight forwarding and value-added expert consultation—Bender’s focus has been to provide flexible warehouse and distribution center services. A recent expansion into the Midwest market means Bender now offers national distribution services to 97 percent of the U.S. within one to two delivery days.

Started Logistics: 1972
Serves: Global
Revenue: $250 million
Employees: 600

Whether it is air freight, global logistics or shipping and compliance forms, EMO prides itself on being a single point of contact for its customers. Ironically, that single point is located throughout a network of 250 locations in 120 countries offering a broad range of services from project logistics to warehousing and distribution to financial services, including letter of credit processing.

Started Logistics: 1979
Serves: Global
Revenue: $6,080
Employees: 13,910
Warehouses: 257
Sq. Ft.: 13.70 million

The Seattle-based behemoth, founded in 1979, quickly grew to become North America’s largest freight forwarder. It’s done as much by casting a wide net, whether it’s how they ship—37 percent net revenues from air, 40 percent customs brokerage, 23 percent ocean freight—or what they ship. Forty percent of net revenues come from high tech, 33 percent from retail and 10 percent from pharma and automotive.

Started Logistics: 1904
Serves: International
HQ: France
Revenue: $6,108
Employees: 16,500
Warehouses: 600
Sq. Ft.: 33 million

The company takes pride in coming up with practical solutions to complicated challenges, something it does through its network of self-reliant offices and air and ocean hubs in more than 60 countries where employees are encouraged to act with a sensible entrepreneurialism. With a strong presence in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific region, Geodis specializes in marine logistics, industrial projects and other niche markets.

Started Logistics: 2002
Serves: International
Revenue: $447
Employees: 1,000
Warehouses: 10
Sq. Ft.: 1 million

MIQ’s holistic approach to problem solving was on display as it handled a direct seller of kitchen tools that was struggling to expand in the U.K. MIQ conducted a six-month investigation to pinpoint optimal distribution locations and determine all logistical requirements. MIQ then operated the European warehouse, generating orders, providing full inventory checks and tracking shipments. The result: increased cash flow and reduction in shipment

Started Logistics: 1971
Serves: N. America
Revenue: $106 million
Employees: 450
Warehouses: 13
Sq. Ft.: 3 million

A provider of all things related to integrated supplychain solutions, NGL is especially good when it comes to dealing with time-critical transportation services, whether that’s for the aeronautics industry or making sure that game film shows up when it supposed to for your favorite pro or college team. NGL’s 98 percent on-time shipping performance is exceptional in the industry.

Started Logistics: 1951
Serves: International
Revenue: $1,290
Employees: 7,000
Warehouses: 130
Sq. Ft.: 32 million

With more than 130 locations and value-added distribution centers, 7,000-plus employees and a wide array of transportation services, OHL is a staple on top 3PL lists. For shippers in the healthcare industry, you’ll be happy to know that Synapse, OHL’s warehouse management system, recently met all FDA validation requirements—a sign, the company says, that it is determined to meet all healthcare regulatory requirements.

Started Logistics: 1970
Serves: International
Revenue: $488
Employees: 2,500
Warehouses: 70
Sq. Ft.: 2.80 million

Pilot continues to grow its business and expand its services. The company changed its name from Pilot Air Freight to its present title to reflect its wider menu of services. Operating out of 75 locations in the U.S. and Canada, as well as Amsterdam, Pilot continues to offer more services, recently launching Pilot Customs Brokerage.