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  June 13th, 2024 | Written by

Veolia Joins Forces with ChemSec to Combat Hazardous Chemicals in Supply Chains

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Addressing hazardous chemicals in waste management is emerging as a crucial sustainability issue for the next decade. In a significant step towards tackling this challenge, environmental service company Veolia has joined the ChemSec Business Group, aligning itself with industry giants like Apple and Ikea to reduce hazardous chemicals in the global supply chain.

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Veolia is the latest addition to the Business Group of ChemSec, an environmental NGO, and stands out as the only environmental services company in the cohort. By joining forces with brands such as Apple, Ikea, and Adidas, Veolia brings a unique perspective to the group, enriching its efforts with extensive waste management expertise.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Veolia. The company’s deep understanding of waste management will be transformative for the Business Group. We’re eager to explore the challenges and opportunities related to hazardous chemicals in the waste phase,” remarked Dr. Jonatan Kleimark, project manager of the ChemSec Business Group.

While the discussion around chemical production often takes center stage, hazardous chemicals in waste have long been a significant sustainability issue. In the context of advancing the circular economy and anticipating future legislation, many brands are now committing to increasing the use of recycled materials in their products.

“The demand for post-consumer recycled materials is soaring, driven by corporate sustainability commitments. To meet this demand and help brands achieve their sustainability goals, we need to significantly boost the production of recycled materials,” explained Dr. Kleimark. “This requires waste management companies to recognize the potential in recycling materials without hazardous chemicals. Establishing non-toxic waste streams is key to scaling up the circular economy.”

Recent legislative focus has also highlighted the importance of non-toxic waste management. The Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, which aims for toxic-free material cycles, along with the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation, are expected to enhance transparency in chemical use and facilitate recycling processes.

As an environmental services company, Veolia is crucial in supporting both public and private sectors to transition towards safer chemical alternatives in the global supply chain. Veolia’s decision to join the ChemSec Business Group underscores its commitment to this vital issue.

“By collaborating with the ChemSec Business Group and engaging with various sectors, Veolia is a pivotal partner in accelerating the chemical transition, contributing to ecological, economic, industrial, and social transformations. This initiative is part of our new strategic plan, GreenUp, which aims to accelerate ecological transformation while preserving human health and ecosystems for a safer, more sustainable future,” stated Ismahane Remonnay, Head of Prospective & Regulatory Affairs at Veolia.