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  November 25th, 2016 | Written by

Vancouver Welcomes Government’s Commitment to Transportation

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  • Vancouver Fraser Port Authority CEO: Some of our key recommendations were reflected in minister's remarks.
  • Canadian transport minister announced establishment of data regime to support evidence-based decision making.
  • Canadian federal government has earmarked $10.1 billion for trade and transportation infrastructure.

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is applauding the Transport 2030 vision outlined by Marc Garneau, Canada’s Minister of Transport.

The port authority is particularly encouraged by the federal government’s clear interest in environmental innovation and protection. Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has a track record of success working with Transport Canada on innovative environmental initiatives, such as shore power for cruise and container ships, GPS tracking on all container trucks serving the port, and programs to reduce ocean noise from shipping as part of the port authority’s ECHO program.

“We are very pleased to see some of our key recommendations to the Canada Transportation Act Review Panel reflected in Minister Garneau’s remarks,” said Robin Silvester, president and chief executive officer at Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. “The focus on the importance of the overall transportation network and the commitment to innovation and investment is truly welcomed.”

In his speech, Garneau announced the establishment of a new data regime to support evidence-based decision making by government and stakeholders, which closely reflects a core recommendation by the port authority to the Canada Transportation Act Review Panel.

“Data sharing is key to identifying and optimizing opportunities to use Canada’s transportation network more efficiently, which will contribute to greater global competitiveness, a smaller environmental footprint, and increased prosperity for all Canadians,” said Silvester.

The federal government has earmarked $10.1 billion for trade and transportation infrastructure over the next decade. Vancouver Fraser Port Authority welcomes this long-term commitment, and looks forward to investments in the Pacific region to address road and rail bottlenecks and keep Canada’s trade moving to and from the Port of Vancouver.

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority said it will continue to collaborate with Transport Canada and all levels of government on progressive actions to ensure the Port of Vancouver remains competitive, safe and sustainable.

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority manages the Port of Vancouver, which is Canada’s largest port and the third largest tonnage port in North America.