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  November 2nd, 2015 | Written by

UPS Integrad Opens in Menlo Park, California

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  • New UPS site increases pace of next generation driver training.
  • UPS Integrad training centers model the philosophy of "teach me, show me, let me."
  • UPS Integrad training uses computer simulations, webcasts, and traditional classroom instruction.

UPS has opened a next-generation driver training facility in Menlo Park, California.

The new UPS Integrad facility adds to UPS’s growing portfolio of advanced training sites, increasing the pace of preparing UPS drivers to serve customers safely and efficiently.

UPS Integrad training centers model the philosophy of “teach me, show me, let me.”  Drivers learn the UPS driving and service methods, are shown how the methods work, and then practice them in a realistic, hands-on fashion.

UPS Integrad training uses a mixture of 3-D computer simulations, webcast learning modules, and traditional classroom instruction to complement activity in a controlled environment to reinforce safety, delivery, and customer service training.

“Helping new UPS drivers to meet our high standards requires that we adapt new training techniques and tools,” said Joe Finamore, UPS vice president of global leadership and talent development. “This new building will improve use experiential training in a next generation curriculum that better prepares UPS drivers.”

One of the building’s more notable features is an outside course designed to mimic a small town.  Arrayed with small houses and street signs, Clarkville USA provides drivers with challenges they would confront in their daily pickup and delivery activity. Instructors use the course to test elements of safety, customer service and efficiency – critical requirements for all UPS drivers.

“Our goal is to ensure UPS drivers are fully equipped to effectively perform all aspects of their jobs,” said George Willis, president of UPS’s West Region. “UPS customers have come to expect nothing less than excellent service from the men and women who wear the iconic brown uniform.”

UPS initially worked with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Virginia Tech, and the Institute for the Future to study the way young people learn in an increasingly computerized culture. Since the first UPS Integrad site opened in Landover, Maryland, in 2007, UPS has seen dramatic improvement in safety, production and service indices, as well as workforce retention.

The Menlo Park site joins Dallas and Atlanta locations that have just opened to total seven sites. Other locations include suburban Chicago, Portland, Oregon, and Phoenix.