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  September 17th, 2015 | Written by

UPS Foundation Funds UN Relief Shipments to Aid In Syrian Refugee Crisis

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  • Air shipments funded by The UPS Foundation delivered 163 tons of relief supplies to Syrian refugees on September 5.
  • UPS’s relief shipments are part of relationships with the UN agencies and non-governmental organizations.
  • UPS Foundation president: We committed early to transport life-saving supplies to people and communities in crisis.

The UPS Foundation, the philanthropic arm of UPS is working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the World Food Programme (WFP) to provide relief shipments to thousands of refugees in Greece and along the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia border.

Air shipments of 163 metric tons of relief supplies, including 86 tons of high-energy biscuits, 30,000 blankets, 25,000 sleeping mats and 1,000 solar lanterns arrived on Sept. 5. The flights were funded by The UPS Foundation as part of its UPS Humanitarian Relief and Resilience program.

“The refugee crisis is heartbreaking and strikes at the very fabric of our global community,” said Eduardo Martinez, president of The UPS Foundation. “We committed early on to support our humanitarian partners in transporting life-saving supplies to those people and communities in crisis.”

This latest emergency relief shipment is part of The UPS Foundation’s long-standing relationship with the UNHCR, WFP, other UN agencies and non-governmental organizations. UPS serves as UNHCR’s emergency standby partner to transport critical supplies into the hands of refugees around the world.

In addition to the UNHCR relief shipments, The UPS Foundation also is aiding The Salvation Army, which will activate emergency funds from The UPS Foundation to support Syrian refugees arriving in Rome, Italy, with food, housing and legal advice.

UPS Foundation support of relief efforts for Syrian and Iraqi refugees over the past three years have included partnering with UNICEF to transport winter clothing for Syrian children in Irbil, Iraq (2014); arranging charter flights to Iraq with items including therapeutic foods, tents, mats, water sanitation kits and health kits; providing in-kind transportation of 394 metric tons of food, supplies and winter clothing for Syrian refugees in 2013; partnering with Shelterbox USA in 2013 to deliver 24,000 pounds of shelter supplies in Lebanon; and deploying skilled volunteers to southern Turkey as part of the World Food Program’s Logistics Emergency Team to assess capacities of ports, roads and airports along key supply lines in support of Syrian refugees.

The UPS Foundation’s Humanitarian Relief and Resilience program provides communities with crisis recovery support, from disaster preparation to urgent relief following an event through post-crisis rehabilitation. In 2015, The UPS Foundation committed $10 million in funding, technical and in-kind services to support a broad range of disaster resilience initiatives to strengthen preparedness, response and post-crisis recovery. In 2014, The UPS Foundation assisted with more than 263 shipments to 43 different countries to help with disaster response and recovery efforts.