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  October 17th, 2015 | Written by

UPS Expands UPS Worldwide Express Service

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  • Recent UPS express service expansion was the largest in the company’s history.
  • Majority of new postal codes in recent UPS express service expansion are in Asia Pacific.
  • UPS Worldwide Express service is available in 65 countries that comprise 91 percent of global GDP.

UPS is expanding its UPS Worldwide Express service to more than 41,000 new postal codes around the world, creating earlier guaranteed-delivery options for customers that previously had only end-of-day guarantees.

The company already delivers more packages internationally and offers more guaranteed small-package delivery options than any other integrated logistics company.

The service is part of the UPS Express portfolio: Express Plus for early-morning delivery to 27 countries;

Express for midday delivery to 65 countries; and Express Saver for end-of-day delivery to 220 countries and territories.

Starting Oct. 19, UPS Worldwide Express service will be available in all of the new postal codes. This is the largest one-time expansion of the service in its history.

“We are pleased to expand the global footprint of UPS Worldwide Express,” said Nick Basford, vice president of international marketing at UPS. “As international trade continues to grow and supply chains become increasingly global, businesses need guaranteed time-of-day delivery they can count on. Their success, in turn, drives global commerce and creates jobs.”

UPS Worldwide Express service is particularly beneficial to those with time-sensitive international shipments. UPS Worldwide Express service is available in 65 countries that comprise 91 percent of global gross domestic product.

The expansion of UPS Worldwide Express service to additional postal codes helps facilitate growth in international trade by giving customers an even larger coverage area for urgent deliveries. The option of an earlier delivery with the UPS Worldwide Express service allows shippers to get more things done and keep their businesses moving. This service, along with other UPS offerings, also supports the rise of global ecommerce.

Companies in the high-tech, retail and industrial manufacturing industries are the biggest users of UPS Worldwide Express shipping. High-tech companies operate in a particularly fast-paced environment with little to no downtime between product generations. UPS Worldwide Express service gives those companies greater ability to keep their manufacturing and distribution moving at the speeds they require.

The majority of the new postal codes are in Asia Pacific. In Europe and Canada, UPS is further expanding its already broad coverage, while the new postal codes in Latin America, the Indian Sub-continent, the Middle East, and Africa will grow UPS’s footprint in these burgeoning regions.