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  July 10th, 2015 | Written by

U.S. Titans Investing in Chinese Logistics Company

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  • Carlyle and Goldman Sachs are investing in the Chinese logistics company Shanghai ANE Logistics.
  • Carlyle exec: China’s e-commerce development bring about opportunities in the country’s logistics industry.
  • China’s retailers don't have expertise in logistics systems and don’t have strong delivery networks.

Carlyle Group LP and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. are among the U.S. concerns investing in a Chinese logistics company, Shanghai ANE Logistics Ltd. The investors are betting on increased demand for delivery services to support China’s fast-growing e-commerce industry.

Carlyle, a private-equity firm, and Goldman, an investment back, are being joined China Renaissance in putting money into the logistics company, which delivers small orders through a network of 5,000 franchisees all over China. Carlyle announced its investment amounted to $120 million.

“China’s economic restructuring and e-commerce development bring about significant growth and consolidation opportunities in the country’s logistics industry,” said Carlyle Group Managing Director Eric Zhang.

This is especially the case since China’s retailers, unlike their U.S. counterparts such as Wal-Mart and Costco, don’t have expertise in logistics systems and don’t have strong delivery networks. That created the opportunity for Chinese e-commerce companies like Alibaba and to grow rapidly. Last April, former Wal-Mart Chief Executive Mike Duke joined Carlyle Group to advise on investments.

The U.S. investments in Shanghai ANE Logistics continues a stream of private equity into logistics companies and warehousing in China. RRJ Capital recently invested $250 million in Shanghai-based China Logistics Property Holding Co.