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  January 1st, 2016 | Written by

U.S.-Mexico Aviation Agreement a Win for Travelers, Trade

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  • Increased air carrier competition will benefit Mexican and American tourists and business travelers.
  • New Mexico-U.S. aviation agreement provides new rights to all-cargo carriers.
  • New air cargo routes will create new opportunities to expand the U.S.-Mexico cargo market.

The United States and Mexico have a strong, longstanding relationship when it comes to aviation.  And I’m happy to announce that after over two years of negotiations, our two nations are on the threshold of entering a new era in this important relationship.

I was proud to join Mexico’s Secretary of Communications and Transport Ruiz Esparza, Undersecretary Mascott, colleagues from the U.S. Departments of State and Commerce, and aviation stakeholders from Mexico and the United States to sign a new, modern air transport agreement between the United States and Mexico.

This landmark agreement, a key element of the U.S.-Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue, eliminates government interference in commercial airline decisions, providing open, unlimited routes between the United States and Mexico.  It also expands opportunities for cargo flights between the U.S. and Mexico and strengthens our commitments to aviation safety and security.

Now, why did we do this?  First, it strengthens and expands the U.S. and Mexico’s strong tourism and business links, benefiting travelers from both countries.

Under the old agreement, only a limited number of U.S. carriers could operate between any given city pair.  Now, that number is unlimited.  Carriers will have new opportunities to serve any location in Mexico from any location in the U.S., opening up new routes for travelers.

And increased carrier competition will greatly benefit Mexican and American tourists and business travelers by offering them more options, better service, and lower prices.

Second, this new agreement will bolster the already strong U.S.-Mexican trade relationship.

It provides new rights to all-cargo carriers, allowing them to expand their worldwide networks, establish new routes, and provide faster services at better rates for businesses and shippers.  These new routes will also create new opportunities to expand the U.S.-Mexico cargo market, benefiting businesses and economies on both sides of the border.

I look forward to further strengthening the dynamic commercial and economic relationship between our two nations, and am hopeful that, with the support of the Mexican government, our two countries can implement the agreement next year.

Anthony Foxx is the United States Secretary of Transportation.