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  August 22nd, 2017 | Written by

Transporting Fruits and Vegetables Economically and Sustainably

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  • Fruit distribution requires cost-efficient, robust, and reliable load carriers.
  • Cabka-IPS will be presenting solutions for the challenges of fruit distribution.
  • Cabka-IPS plastic boxes and pallets allow fruit and vegetables to be transported cost-effectively and sustainably.

The distribution of fruit and vegetables require cost-efficient, robust and reliable load carriers. At Fruit Attraction (October 18 – 20 in Madrid), Cabka-IPS will be presenting solutions for these challenges. The company’s plastic boxes and pallets allow retailers, grocers, and food manufacturers to transport fruit and vegetables cost-effectively and sustainably.

One of the highlights at the Cabka-IPS booth will be the Twistlock Box: a popular folding box which is now also available with base dimensions of 300 x 400 millimeters. This supplements the previous version with the dimensions 600 x 400 millimeters. The new size is particularly suitable for transporting products that are transported and offered in smaller quantities—for example, mangoes, berries, or nuts. The Twistlock Box is stackable with all common boxes on the market which meet the ISO standard.

Unlike many other boxes on the market, the Twistlock Box offers the perfect combination of cost optimization and environmental friendliness. Particularly the reduced volume of the collapsed box (the compression rate is around 11 percent) saves considerable expenses in regards to important cost drivers such as transport, storage, and handling. The box is also very stable and offers a long service life. And even if it does require repairs eventually, this can be undertaken in just a few steps without requiring any tools and without the associated repair costs. In combination with its hygienic properties, which enable quick and easy cleaning, the Twistlock Box is the ideal solution for use in open and closed pools.

The Twistlock Box is suitable for manual handling as well as for automatic conveying and picking systems. The specially developed Twistlock active closure contributes to the convenient handling and fast locking and unlocking of the box. It allows users to assemble and fold the Twistlock Box very easily.

The optimal volume reduction of the Twistlock Box not only enables significant savings in terms of transporting empty units, it also reduces the carbon footprint. A full truck holds exactly 10,296 folded boxes sized 600 x 400 millimeters – a number that is unsurpassed in the market.

At the end of their life span, Cabka-IPS recycles the boxes and uses them as raw material for new boxes. This means the reusable materials are part of a closed ecological cycle.