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  February 6th, 2017 | Written by

TransPod Partners With IKOS on Hyperloop

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  • TransPod aims to build a commercially viable hyperloop system by 2020.
  • IKOS will focus on energy-efficient power supply for TransPod hyperloop system.
  • TransPod recently secured $15 million seed funding.

TransPod, startup that is building a hyperloop system to disrupt and redefine commercial transportation, is partnering with IKOS, the leading technology consulting firm specializing in railway engineering and energy infrastructure.

IKOS’ expertise will support the general electrical system, and safety engineering of the TransPod hyperloop pod.

IKOS will join TransPod’s growing network of global industry partners collaborating to build a commercially viable hyperloop system by 2020. IKOS’ team will focus on the design and development of new technology for energy-efficient power supply generation.

“TransPod recently secured $15 million seed funding, and we’re pushing harder than ever on global growth, innovation, and invention,” said Sebastien Gendron, founder and CEO of TransPod. “Hyperloop transportation will change the way we live, commute, and conduct business, and our goal is to introduce this change around the world. With the addition of IKOS’ extensive experience, we’re uniquely positioned to accelerate the development of industry-leading hyperloop technologies that will significantly improve our quality of life and economic prosperity.”

“For more than 10 years, IKOS has worked with our clients to overcome major challenges of our time,” said Serge Chelly, CEO of IKOS. “Our partnership with TransPod will impact IKOS’ activities way beyond railway engineering. We will have to make decisions that will shape the future of transportation by not only addressing current issues such as sustainability, reliability, and safety, but also by developing new innovative technologies.”

In order to fully support TransPod’s teams located in Canada and Italy, IKOS will open new offices in those regions in 2017.

TransPod presented a full concept of its hyperloop pod at InnoTrans, a trade show for rail transport technology, in September 2016. The company has been focused on developing and proving proprietary designs that alleviate both immediate and long-term issues inherent in technology proposed to date. Elements ranging from passenger comfort and operational performance to route design, tube pressure, and the pod’s internal systems, are consistently performing well above competitive designs. Specific benchmark results will be released at a later date.