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  December 12th, 2022 | Written by

TradeSun Acquires Leading ESG Company, Paving Way for Further Innovation in Trade

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TradeSun, a leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions for trade compliance and automation, has acquired data company Coriolis Technologies, to expedite ESG-compliant trade.

The strategic acquisition will allow the TradeSun network, of global and regional banks around the world, to expand with further innovation across trade and the supply chain. It follows a partnership agreement by TradeSun and Coriolis earlier this year.

TradeSun will now deliver Coriolis’ ESG products, including the independent ratings-based platform developed with more than 50 financial institutions. The platform scores, monitors and verifies supply chain players against the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as other key regulatory frameworks such as the EU Taxonomy. It facilitates supply chain transparency by measuring ESG impact throughout all tiers in trade supply chains.

The acquisition is the first in TradeSun’s expansion plans, acting as a catalyst to fulfill its vision of seamless, digitalized and more sustainable trade flows that allow regions and their people to prosper.

Dr Rebecca Harding, Coriolis Founder, will act in a strategic advisory capacity going forward.

About TradeSun

TradeSun is an innovator and leader in trade digitalization. Our award-winning AI-powered platform for trade finance processing and compliance empowers our customers to reduce risk and fuel growth by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies. The TradeSun Platform is a one-stop solution that automates document review, significantly reducing processing times. It offers real-time compliance, covering trade-based money laundering, dual use goods, fair price, vessel tracking and sanctions.