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Top Ports VII

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Jim Newsome, president and CEO, South Carolina Ports Authority

FTZ No. 21
Big Ship Ready: Yes
Rail: CSX, NS
Highways: I-26, I-95, I-526, U.S. 17
Days to Northern Europe: 18
Top Exports: NA
Cargo Types: NA

What do you have in place to get trucks in and out fast?
We’ve extended weekday and weekend gate hours for the sole purpose of giving truckers more opportunity to serve our port. We also have extremely fast turn times: 30-minute truck turn time in and out, which is virtually unprecedented. We’re able to do it because we have properly staffed gates, a significant amount of lift equipment at our terminals, a well-organized container yard and good people running it all.

What’s your most under-appreciated asset?
The intermodal rail service in and out of our port works extremely well. We’ve reached a level where 20 percent of our total container volume is handled by intermodal rail today.

What’s your elevator pitch?
The Southeast is the most attractive port market in the country because we have a growing population and the region is gaining most of the new manufacturing growth in the country. We’re the most productive deep-water port in North America; we can get a large containership in and out in 24 hours. We are fast.


Cliff Pyron, Communications manager

FTZ No. 214
Big Ship Ready: No
Rail: CSX
Highways: I-40, I-140, U.S. 17, U.S. 74/I-74, U.S. 117, U.S. 421
Days to China: 31
Top Exports: Forest Products (Wilmington), Phosphate (Morehead City)
Cargo Types: Container, Break Bulk, Bulk

What’s your most under-appreciated asset?
Our efficiency; there is no congestion at North Carolina’s ports. With 17.4 minutes per turn and 42.9 net crane moves per hour, the NCSPA’s high vessel and terminal productivity keeps vessels on schedule and reduces inventory and logistics costs

What’s your elevator pitch?
The ports of Wilmington and Morehead City, plus an inland terminal in Charlotte, have the capability and capacity to serve as competitive alternatives to ports in neighboring states. Wilmington is within 700 miles of more than 70 percent of the industrial base of the U.S.

What exciting developments are on the horizon?
To enhance our partnership with North Carolina’s agriculture industry, the ports have entered into a private partnership to construct an on-terminal, cold-storage facility. This facility will primarily serve North Carolina’s food-agriculture producers of pork, poultry, turkey and sweet potatoes. Construction is slated to begin later this year and the facility will employ more than 100 people.


Joseph Harris, vice president, Communications

FTZ No. 20
Big Ship Ready: Yes
Rail: CSX, NS, Norfolk & Portsmouth Beltline, Commonwealth Railway
Highways: I-64, I-264, I-664, soon to by the I-564 Intermodal Connector
Days to China: 21
Top Exports: Paper, Wood Pulp, Lumber
Cargo Types: Break Bulk, Ro/Ro

What infrastructure additions has the port made to support shippers over the past two years?
We’ve invested $7 million to reactivate Portsmouth Marine Terminal and leased 300 additional chassis that arrived toward the end of 2014. Additionally, we invested nearly $10 million in new top loaders and shuttle carriers as well as a container crane for the Port of Richmond.

What type of cargo does your port specialize in, and what assets offer shippers advantages with this type of cargo?
Container cargo, primarily. The assets we offer are deep water, no air-draft restrictions, modern terminals, a peaceful labor environment and on-dock rail provided by both of the East Coast’s Class I railroads: CSX and NS.

What’s your elevator pitch?
Come and take advantage of the economics our 50-foot-deep channels and berths offer, utilize the on-dock rail service and motor carriers serving the port. This is a modern facility with a plan for reinvestment and growth backed by triple-A bond ratings.

FTZ No. 8
Big Ship Ready: Yes
Rail: CSX, NS
Highways: I-75, I-80/90
Days to Europe: 14
Top Exports: Coal, Grain, Iron Ore
Cargo Types: Break Bulk

FTZ No. 70
Big Ship Ready: No
Rail: CSX, NS
Highways: I-75
Cargo Types: Bulk, Liquid Bulk

FTZ No. 121
Big Ship Ready: No
Rail: CP, CSX, NS, Port of Albany Railroad
Highways: Hwy 787
Top Exports: Grain, Heavylift/Project Cargo, Scrap Iron
Cargo Types: Liquid Bulk, Break Bulk, Project

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