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  February 3rd, 2022 | Written by

Top 5 trends transforming telecom network infrastructure market outlook

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The telecom network infrastructure industry landscape is evolving rapidly as 5G deployment efforts garner momentum. Across various countries, the respective governments are focusing on advancing progress towards the commercialization of 5G services. Earlier this year in June, for instance, the Joe Biden Administration announced a US$65 billion investment for deploying highspeed universal 5G broadband infrastructure across the U.S.

The rise in IoT and connected devices is expected to provide significant growth momentum to the telecom network infrastructure industry. With a notable uptick in wireless connections, the demand for greater broadband coverage and improved cellular connectivity is increasing. To meet this demand telecom operators are upgrading their network infrastructures. Ongoing smart city developments will create additional opportunities for operators in the next few years.

The global telecom network infrastructure market size is projected to reach US$120 billion by 2027, says Global Market Insights, Inc. Highlighted below are some major factors driving the industry forward.

1. Rapid 5G deployment in Europe

As the demand for seamless broadband connectivity rises, European countries are witnessing strong collaborations among telecom operators. For example, in October last year, 5G technology company Airspan Networks had partnered with network infrastructure company Siticom GmbH to deliver 5G wireless services to automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and other sectors in Germany. With similar efforts in other nations, Europe telecom network infrastructure industry size is estimated to be worth US$25 billion by 2027.

2. Active efforts by telecom operators

The number of internet users and wireless connections have surged exponentially over the past several years. Telecom operators are gearing up to meet the increasing demands of cellular users by continuously upgrading their network infrastructures. As a result, telecom operators hold a fair share in the telecom network infrastructure market. The deployment of 5G, which promises greater speeds, ultralow latency, and seamless connectivity, will open up new opportunities for operators worldwide.

3. Growing deployment of femtocell base stations

The need for improved indoor network coverage in urban areas is rising steadily due to the wider adoption of smart home devices. Advancements in IoT and connected devices is further making seamless coverage essential in indoor locations. Based on these factors, the demand for femtocell base stations is likely to grow at 5% CAGR in the telecom network infrastructure industry. Femtocells are deployed in areas where a backhaul can be developed without any difficulty or where a network backhaul is already present.

4. Emerging need for integration & deployment services

Integration and deployment services are in demand globally as they help maintain performance, resiliency, and availability. Moreover, these services ensure an always-on, secure, scalable, and multi-technology network across businesses. They also help enterprises gain greater RIO via network planning, optimization, and multi-vendor network integration. In 2020, integration and deployment services captured 50% of the telecom network infrastructure market share.

5. Increasing market competition

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Cisco Systems, Inc., CommScope, Inc., Ciena Corporation, Inc., Ericsson, and Nokia Networks are some of the top telecom network infrastructure companies in the world. To meet the changing connectivity requirements, these companies are upgrading their RAN network offerings via partnerships and other strategies. Highlighting an instance, in March 2020, Airspan and Altiostar signed a partnership to commercialize 4G and 4G open virtualized RAN network solutions. While established companies look to boost their market presence, the emergence of new entrants in the telecom network infrastructure industry will further heat up the competition.

Source: Global Market Insights Inc.