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  September 6th, 2022 | Written by

Three Dead Following Container Explosion in Italy

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A container has exploded killing three seafarers and injuring one at the Port of Crotone, Italy.

The accident occurred on 31 August on working deck of offshore supply ship ASSO. The vessel was about to set sail for Malta.

Local land fire teams and tug were deployed. The fire has been extinguished in two hours.

The rescue team said a fourth seafarer from the vessel was taken to hospital with serious injuries, while a fifth was rescued and reported to be in a state of confusion.

No other seafarers were reported missing.

The explosion has reportedly taken place inside a container during welding operations.

An investigation has begun into the causes of the accident. The Public Prosecutor’s Office is verifying, in particular, compliance with the safety conditions for the workers who were carrying out maintenance work.

The welding machine and all the technical components that may be useful for the investigations have been seized.

“Dead and injured in the Port of Crotone due to the explosion on a tugboat,” said President of the Region, Roberto Occhiuto, on social media.

“The Calabria Region expresses condolences to the families of the victims. Thanks to the rescuers and firefighters for their precious intervention.”

General Secretary of trade union CISL, Luigi Sbarra, expressed his condolences and urged for more awareness on safety measures.

“The tragedy occurred today in the Port of Crotone is truly terrible,” he wrote on Twitter.

“More people who have lost their lives at work. Don’t let your guard down on safety in every sector. It is a matter of civility and respect for the dignity of every human being.”