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  February 26th, 2021 | Written by

The Importance of Packaging Optimization in Supply Chain

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  • Safety should always be your primary concern.
  • By handling all of these aspects with due care, you will optimize your packaging to the utmost cost efficiency.
  • Having eco-friendly supply chains is becoming more and more necessary.

Packing is usually considered as one of the most boring, least impactful aspects of a supply chain. With logistics, transport methods, and keeping track of your freight shipments, why should you bother with packaging optimization in supply chain? Well, as it turns out, it can have some surprising benefits, especially when appropriately tackled. So, with that in mind, let’s take a more in-depth look into the importance of packing in supply chain management.

Packaging optimization in supply chain management- why it matters

Before we go over the importance of packaging optimization, we need to outline what packaging entails clearly. If you are new to supply chain management, you might think it is merely putting items into boxes. But, in actuality, there is much more to packaging once you get into it. There are various materials to consider, be it their cost or sturdiness, not to mention packaging design for branding and eco-friendliness of your packaging procedures. Therefore, even in a couple of sentences, we can give you an idea that packing is a significant issue and how useful it can be to optimize it with due care.

Safety measures

Safety should always be your primary concern. Whether you are dealing with something private or business-oriented, safety is paramount. With this in mind, you’d be hard-pressed not to consider packaging optimization. By handling your packing procedure, and everything that goes with it, you can ensure that your supply chain is safe. People often forget that proper packing requires in-depth knowledge of the whole chain. It is precisely because you know where the shipments are headed that you should do your part in preparing them.

It often happens that people pack and repack shipments during the supply chain. This is primarily because they are only worried about keeping the shipments safe during their segment. Tackling packing like this is not only cost-inefficient but also potentially dangerous. Since people mainly focus on short-term safety measures, they are unlikely always to follow the necessary packing procedure. By dealing with the whole aspect of packing in one go, you can use the right packing supplies and tape, label, and log items as necessary. While doing so might seem minute, it will play a prominent role in how safe your shipments are.

Cost optimization

As we have already mentioned cost optimization, let’s elaborate more on what role packaging optimization has in it. If you allow people who are not interested in cost optimization to pack your belongings, they will do a poor job. Sure, they will ensure the safety of your items. But, they hardly have the incentive to use packing supplies adequately. It results in half-packed boxes, poorly structured shipments, and considerable unused space. These are the main things that you need to avoid. Now, you might think that these things don’t add up as much. But, think again.

By handling all of these aspects with due care, you will optimize your packaging to the utmost cost efficiency. Keep in mind that even a slight increase in optimization can end up saving you a lot of money. All of the aspects that we have mentioned pile up, especially in large supply chains. So, the more of them you take care of, the better off you’ll be. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you end up astonished at how much money you were wasting with improper packing.

Brand recognition

There is hardly a marketing strategist out there that won’t tell you about the importance of brand and brand placement. If you plan on running a decent marketing strategy, you need to develop a brand and use it in every facet of your business, from your online presence to your vehicles, worker uniforms, and even packaging. There is a reason why companies like Amazon invest in their packing supplies. Branding on them ensures that your customers see your logo, even before opening their products. Not to mention all the people that will be handling your boxes during the shipping procedure. So, all in all, know that investing in branded packing supplies is definitely worth the money spent, especially if you ensure that they are of top quality and that your packing is overall stellar.


Having eco-friendly supply chains is becoming more and more necessary. The current situation requires us to do whatever necessary to protect our environment. Luckily, this is another aspect where packaging optimization has a role. True, it won’t have as big of an effect as utilizing carbon capture or using more eco-friendly fuels. But, the impact it does have is nothing to scoff at.

Using eco-friendly supplies will go a long way in protecting the environment and ensuring low waste. After all, the biggest problem with packing is that we use non-degradable materials like plastic and styrofoam and routinely throw vast amounts of it away. This has to change, and modern supply chains do whatever necessary to do so. Modern materials allow for the same safety while being biodegradable. At the same time, eco-conscious packing procedures ensure that we waste as little as possible.

Final thoughts

All things considered, you should have a decent idea of the importance of packaging optimization in supply chain. Without it, you not only risk losing money but also endangering your items and having a substantial carbon footprint. Know that even a small change in your packing procedures can have a long-lasting effect on your finances and the environment. So, invest your time into looking into it. Once you do some research, you will learn that we’ve come a long way from run-of-the-mill cardboard boxes. Modern packaging solutions give you a lot of freedom to explore how to make packaging as optimized as possible. So, do your best to make the most out of them.


Amanda Anderson has been a relocation coordinator for various moving companies and marketing advisor for Capital City Bins. During her 15 years of service, she has learned a thing or two about shipping and how to prepare for it safely. Now she helps both professionals and amateurs handle shipping with due care.