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The Global Vibration Analyzer Market Size is Predicted to Reach US$186.2 Million in 2032

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The global vibration analyzer market size is expected to reach US$ 186.2 Million in 2032 and exhibit a CAGR of 9.4% in the forecast period from 2022-2032. Increasing awareness about predictive maintenance among various end-use industries is set to push the demand for vibration analyzers in future years.

As per FMI, the vibration analyzer market is anticipated to be valued at US$ 152.9 Million in 2022. Increasing concerns associated with functionality and safety of equipment are likely to bode well for the global market.

In the present scenario, the technical advancements in communication, electronics, and other industries have led to the development of efficient network cable testers. Network cable testers play a vital role while installing new cables and troubleshooting existing cables. Common cable tests include attenuation, wiremap, length, DC loop resistance, and return loss.

Standards associations such as IEE, ISO, and, TIA are continuously researching to provide guidelines for cabling professionals while installing, troubleshooting, and certifying cable networks. There exist specific requirements and potential difficulties in employing these network transmission technologies.

With higher speed Ethernet standards, it is becoming more critical to keep up with the latest proliferation in cabling communications and network cable testing. The growing networking industry is expected to provide an important boost to the network cable tester market.

The Rise of Cabling Infrastructure, the Key Factor Driving Demand for Network Cable Tester Market

As networks are evolving, the need for cabling infrastructure is increasing to support them. Network cable testers are made with a range of focused features for specific field tasks. They provide a level of assurance that the installed cable links give the wanted network transmission capabilities to assist the data communication wanted by the users.

Commercially, network cable testers are categorized into one of the three hierarchical sets; qualification, verification, and certification. Certification Network Cable Tester is the tool that provides Pass or Fails figures by industry conducts.

Furthermore, the rapid development of gaming devices and equipment in LAN (Local Area Network) is also leading to the increased sales of cables, which has resulted in increased demand for network cable testers to provide quality and safe connectivity.

Global Network Cable Tester Market: Market Participants

The number of players present in the Network Cable Tester market is trivial. Some of the key players operating in the global Network Cable Tester market are Atcom Inc., Fluke Networks, 10Gtek Transceivers Co., LTD., GENERIC, NetScout Systems, Inc., Ologymart, Transway’s Marketplace, TeKit, axGear, Advanced Fiber Solutions, AEMC Instruments, L-com, Platinum Tools, Klein Tools, among others.

Key Developments in Network Cable Tester Market

New product innovations have been witnessed as the cable industry is growing significantly. In 2016, Ideal Network, a major manufacturer of portable networks, cable certification, and testing equipment launched the updated NaviTek NT to help networking experts pinpoint and solve issues quickly for copper and fiber-optic networks. The compact and flexible Network Cable Tester fits into narrow areas where significant cabling is often located, assisting engineers to work more efficiently, the company said.

Opportunities for Market Participants in Network Cable Tester Market

The rapid evolution of cabling systems and rapidly increasing use of Single Mode cabling for 40G Ethernet, MPO/MTP fiber, and beyond has provided spectacular growth to the Network Cable Tester market. As data centers and enterprise networks are increasing, the demand for certified network cable testers has also increased.

Cable installers gain significant productivity with Certifiers. The market in the Asia Pacific is expected to register a relatively strong CAGR during the forecast period. Japan possesses an extensive network and cabling industry due to its unique culture and market size.

Many of the globe’s most important and innovative industrial companies are Japanese. These factors are supporting growth in the Asia Pacific for the Network Cable Tester market. In North America, the number of broadband connections has grown well, posing a potential opportunity for the network cable tester market. In the Middle East and Africa, the growth remains unstable due to the lack of innovations in the cabling industry.

The network cable tester market in Europe is expected to record moderate growth. In Germany, the technological advancements in the cabling industry have witnessed significant growth, which has resulted in the increased demand for Network Cable Tester equipment.