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Founded 2003 | North America | Non-Asset Based
Founded just a dozen years ago, this technology-based logistics company has a customer list of better than 18,000 as well as three straight years of inclusion as one of Inc. magazine’s fastest-growing companies. Its proprietary TMS technology,, allows customers to quote, book and manage shipments with a few clicks. Its interactive software enhances its brokers’ capability of sourcing the correct equipment for clients and gives live tracking updates automatically.

Founded 1979 | Global
Ingram moved up another seven spaces on the Fortune 500 list—from 69 to 62—a list it has appeared on 19 times. The reason for the information technology distribution giant’s solid, sometimes spectacular growth—revenue topped $46 billion in 2014—is its willingness to venture into new areas. Mindful that more businesses want cloud services, Ingram purchased cloud service provider SoftCom and invested in cloud tech outfit Parallels to make such services available to its huge client list of more than 200,000 companies.

Founded 1999 | Global | Non-Asset Based
Through LeanTMS, its true software-as-a-service management system, Lean is able to provide complete procurement, planning, execution and settlement transportation functions. The multi-modal TMS allows clients to connect with other Lean customers and carriers to build their own, customized transportation network for better management and collaborative opportunities. With greater visibility, businesses can share information more efficiently and can work across each other’s networks, improving business intelligence, sharing transportation assets and creating economies of scale.

Founded 1998 | Global | Non-Asset Based
The South Carolina-based company has grown rapidly in large part due to two unique features: a “co-managed” business model that focuses on partnerships, allowing clients to retain as much or as little control as they wish to reduce costs and improve efficiency. To that end, M33 provides a network of global partners and flexible technological services, delivered through its Blackbeard TMS, that can be tailored to client needs and optimize global supply chain management.

Founded 1925 | Global | Non-Asset Based
Understanding that visibility is critical in managing today’s global supply chains, Mallory offers a platform called MyMallorySCV. Integrated in the company’s global freight management system, it provides users real-time supply chain information, tracking milestones, container information and transport leg details. International customers are provided real-time access to U.S. Customs declarations and entry information related to the export and import services that Mallory provides their company, including detailed clearance and filing information and status updates.

• SEEING IS SAVING Transplace’s transportation management system offers capabilities to automate and standardize interactions between shippers, importers and customers.
Transplace’s transportation management system offers capabilities to automate and standardize interactions between shippers, importers and customers.

Founded 2000 | North America | Non-Asset Based
Providing an optimal blend of transportation management services with logistics technology—the company refers to itself as “The 3PL and Technology Company”—Transplace was recently honored as “Logistics Company of the Year” by Mexico’s leading international trade magazine that places a premium on customs brokers, logistics and import/exports with highly specialized insight. Estrategia Aduanera recognized Transplace for its proprietary TMS which features capabilities that automate and standardize interaction between shippers, importers and customers.

Founded 1999 | North America | Non-Asset Based
Celebrating its 15th year of existence, Transportation Insight has really enjoyed its teen years. Not only did annual revenues exceed $1 billion for the first time, but projections are that the company will more than triple that in the next five years. Transportation Insight’s growth has a lot to do with unique data visualization methods which empower clients to evaluate complex scenarios that can improve working capital, streamline operations and ultimately improve their bottom lines.

Founded 2001 | Global | Non-Asset Based
The company believes that simpler is usually better even—especially—when it comes to addressing the inefficiencies in transportation management to reduce freight expenses. Its innovative, incremental approach enables clients to achieve double-digit cost savings, allowing clients to ramp up their objectives and capabilities without having to pay for technology they’ll never need or use. Key to this is its easy-to-use, easy-to-implement cloud solutions, providing simpler acquisition and pricing, simpler deployment and execution along with better business processes.

Founded 2005 | Global | Non-Asset Based
Utilizing a straight-forward approach which posits the best technology is that which is easily understood and comes with immediate benefits, Unyson excels at implementing technological improvements in all areas of a client’s supply chain. Its tactical modeling software melds a company’s history and real-world business numbers to provide customers with a reliable measure of their freight savings potential. Of the 400 models the company has constructed, clients have realized an average savings of 10 to 20 percent.

Founded 1956 | Global | Asset & Non-Asset Based
Werner, which will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2016, began simply when company chairman Clarence Werner started a business at the age of 19 with one truck. Now one of America’s largest trucking firms, with more than 7,000 trailers, Werner’s success is in part due to a proprietary SMART System’s geographical information system providing real-time mapping of client’s network data while its optimization component allows for adaptation to a customer’s strategic and tactical output and loads on a domestic or global scale.

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