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Enerpoly Secures $8.4M Grant to Propel World’s First Megafactory for Zinc-ion Batteries


Enerpoly Secures $8.4M Grant to Propel World’s First Megafactory for Zinc-ion Batteries

Swedish zinc-ion battery innovator, Enerpoly, has received an $8.4 million grant from the Swedish Energy Agency to advance its groundbreaking zinc-ion battery technology. The grant supports Enerpoly in establishing the world’s inaugural megafactory for zinc-ion batteries, named the ‘Enerpoly Production Innovation Center (EPIC),’ with an annual capacity throughput of 100 MWh. This significant milestone positions Enerpoly to demonstrate the affordability and profitability of mass-producing zinc-ion batteries at scale, ushering in a new era for stationary energy storage.

Co-founded by Dr. Mylad Chamoun (CTO) and Dr. Samer Nameer (CSO), and led by CEO Eloisa de Castro, Enerpoly’s innovative zinc-ion battery technology utilizes abundant materials like zinc and manganese. The batteries, known for their non-flammable and non-explosive properties, are well-suited for challenging applications, including critical infrastructure and urban areas. The technology provides reliable and economical energy storage while insulating from supply chain issues and price volatility.

The grant will fund the development of automated manufacturing systems, enhancements in energy efficiency during cell production, and measures to ensure optimal productivity and safety at the EPIC plant. Enerpoly aims to build a sustainable European value chain, bolster intellectual property protection, and expand its workforce in Sweden. This initiative aligns with the EU’s 2050 climate neutrality goal and contributes to greater energy security and the accelerated adoption of renewable energy.

Enerpoly’s Co-founder and CTO, Mylad Chamoun, expressed the significance of the grant, stating, “Our EPIC zinc-ion plant will showcase how this technology is scalable and can enable the large-scale adoption of renewable energy.” With strong support from the Swedish Energy Agency, Enerpoly’s zinc-ion batteries are poised to play a crucial role in Sweden’s leadership in the global energy transition.