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Washington Council on International Trade (WCIT) Reveals Top Trade Issues Facing Washingtonians

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Washington Council on International Trade (WCIT) Reveals Top Trade Issues Facing Washingtonians

2022 Trade Policy Agenda outlines top areas shaping state trade economy

 The Washington Council on International Trade (WCIT) published its 2022 Trade Policy Agenda highlighting twelve top issues that are critical to the Washington State economy. The WCIT 2022 Trade Policy Agenda provides updated data and information on these top issues as well as specific policy recommendations and positions for which the organization is actively advocating on behalf of its members.

Lori Otto Punke, President of the Washington Council on International Trade stated that Education and advocacy are core to WCIT’s mission and the 2022 Policy Agenda reflects their ongoing commitment to actively address the top concerns that are critical to Washington’s future.  Encouraging all members and all Washingtonians who have a stake in international trade to read the agenda, be familiar with the issues and be active in helping enact smart policies that will help in job creation and economic growth.

The Trade Policy Agenda provides a concise summary of each of the twelve issues and how they are drivers growth and jobs in the state, shares WCIT’s point of view and what the organization is advocating for and contains resources for additional information.  The twelve issues selected by WCIT that are critical to Washington state’s trade economy include:

  • Promote trade as vital to Washington state’s economy
  • Advance Washington trade priorities with China
  • Strengthen the competitiveness and resiliency of Washington’s ports
  • Address global supply chain challenges
  • Support Washington state agriculture enabling our farmers to remain globally competitive
  • Expand digital trade opportunities
  • Pursue new and existing market opportunities
  • Support trade through international organizations
  • Empower small businesses through access to capital
  • Pursue stronger economic ties with Asia Pacific markets
  • Support Congressional measures to bolster American trade leadership
  • Explore ways to make trade more climate-friendly

Updated from the 2020 version, the 2022 Policy Agenda includes four additional issues reflecting new developments in an evolving trade landscape.  For example, WCIT added “Address global supply chain challenges” as a response to the logjams in the flow of international goods that came in the aftermath of the pandemic. The organization also added issues related to exploring climate-friendly trade, pursuing Asia Pacific markets and supporting specific Congressional measures related to trade.

Otto Punke made it known that they highlighted the top issues that drive jobs in the state recognizing the global marketplace is fast-paced and dynamic, so their agenda is ever evolving to reflect the latest trade landscape.

“With one out of every five jobs directly tied to international commerce, trade will continue to play a central role in the regional economy and promoting smart policies in these areas will benefit all Washingtonians” said Otto Punke.


On behalf of our members,manufacturers, farmers, retailers, service providers and non-profits, the Washington Council on International Trade advocates for pro-trade policies and investments that benefit Washington’s workers and employers. Trade paves the way for Washington-made goods and services to reach foreign markets, provides Washingtonians with products that raise our quality of life, and sustains family-wage jobs in numerous local industries.