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Port Manatee Continues Global Expansion

Port Manatee Continues Global Expansion

Two new promotional offices representing Port Manatee’s International Trade Hub have been opened in the Latin America and European regions, according to a release from the company this week. The additional offices further advance the Port’s goals to penetrate global markets while sustaining global commerce.  MedellínColombia and BarcelonaSpain are the latest locations.
“The opening of these two offices is a momentous step in connecting world markets and the dynamic business community of greater Manatee County and Southwest Florida,” said Iván Mutis, coordinator of the International Trade Hub at Port Manatee since its inception in 2014. “The Latin American and European office presences perfectly complement the successful initiatives the trade hub has been advancing over the past five years.”
“The offices provide soft landing platforms in major global markets for leaders of businesses of Manatee County and all of Southwest Florida exploring opportunities in Latin America and Europe, respectively,” said Carlos Buqueras, executive director of Port Manatee. “We already are making plans to further expand the global office presence of the International Trade Hub at Port Manatee.”
“The proactive efforts of the International Trade Hub at Port Manatee, including through foreign offices, furnish advantageous opportunities for expanding the already impressive socioeconomic contributions of Port Manatee throughout our region,” said Vanessa Baugh, chairwoman of the Manatee County Port Authority.
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Global Connectedness Reached All-Time High in 2017

Global connectedness reached all-time high numbers in 2017 as a direct result of a substantial increase in, “flows of trade, capital, information and people across national borders” in a decade, according to DHL’s newly released Global Connectedness Index. Additionally, the delay of implementing key policy changes contributed to the increase of international economic growth.

“Even as the world continues to globalize, there is still tremendous untapped potential around the world. The GCI shows that currently, most of the movements and exchanges we’re seeing are domestic rather than international, yet we know that globalization is a decisive factor in growth and prosperity,” explains John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express. “Increasing international cooperation continues to contribute to stability so companies and countries that embrace globalization benefit tremendously.”

Among the countries that topped the list of “Most Globally Connected,” the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Arab Emirates took the spot for top five in the world.
North America, the Middle East and North Africa ranked as the top three regions for capital and information flows.
“Surprisingly, even after globalization’s recent gains, the world is still less connected than most people think it is,” commented GCI co-author Steven A. Altman, Senior Research Scholar at the NYU Stern School of Business and Executive Director of NYU Stern’s Center for the Globalization of Education and Management. “This is important because, when people overestimate international flows, they tend to worry more about them.  The facts in our report can help calm such fears and focus attention on real solutions to societal concerns about globalization.”
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Source: DHL 

USMCA Coalition Formed During 116th Congress

In an effort to support fastidious implementation of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, a group consisting of trade associations, businesses, and other advocacy groups joined forces to create what is now known as the “Pass USMCA Coalition.”
The bipartisan group is led by Democrat Gary Locke, known for his previous role as a former ambassador for China between 2011-2014 and his former role as Washington’s governor.
“The USMCA sets a modern precedent for freer and fairer trade not only in North America, but throughout the world,” said chairman Gary Locke. “Ratifying the agreement quickly will improve our trading relationships with Canada and Mexico, create more jobs for American workers, and propel international trade into the 21st century.”
“The USMCA is a win for America,” said Rick Dearborn, executive director of Pass USMCA. “It will launch the nation into a new era of economic and creative prosperity. Congress must seize this opportunity to strengthen our North American trading partnerships.”
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Intra-African Trade Fair Provides Hope for Region

This year’s Intra-African Trade Fair proved hopeful for the future of the African trade sector, according to feedback from the South African companies that participated in the seven-day event. The event took place from December 11-17 at the Egypt International Exhibition Center and consisted of various businesses showing their products.

Managing Director of Conax Manufacturing in Spring, Gauteng, Mr Freddy Mugeri commented on the success of the event, noting that it ultimately paves the way for integration and positive results.

“Even though there are many challenges to overcome including infrastructure and trade finance solutions in Africa, IATF created a platform for us business people to meet with African countries like Angola and South Sudan which are not so easy to reach outside forums like this one,” said Mugeri

Others, such as The South African Ambassador to Egypt, Mr Vusi Mavimbela, noted that this event was needed in the continent to support the diversity in economic resources.

“If we want to integrate the African continent and grow the economies in the continent we have to start by promoting trade among ourselves. It is much more powerful to trade as a united continent, because once you strengthened trading amongst ourselves we are able to create a bigger economy, and when you create a bigger economy, you create a bigger voice that will make it possible able to compete with our regional blocs on a more equal footing,” said Mavimbela.

Source: EIN Presswire, IATF