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‘Tis the Season for Theft

‘Tis the Season for Theft

Cargo theft statistics reported for the third quarter prove a substantial decrease compared to earlier reports that showed an increase for the second quarter, according to Commercial Carrier Journal. With Christmas two days away and 2019 kicking off, increased demand for retail products is paired with the risk of theft. Here are tips for industry players to consider to reduce the risk of theft risks and decreasing the chances for loss.

Technology continues to grow, tying loose ends within global trade, economic  development, and maritime operations. Utilizing automation and digitization to reduce risk through theft is a no-brainer, according to an article highlighting prevention methods from the Logistics Bureau.  Consider technology solutions that allow for greater visibility and cargo monitoring to tighten security. Implementing a system that provides security for employees and products creates an environment of safety and risk mitigation.

For trucks carrying cargo and making frequent stops, Logistics Bureau encourages drivers to consider parking tail-to-tail or parking against hard surfaces to increase the difficulty of breaking into the truck. Additionally, consider the use of common solutions that don’t require high-end technology such as locks and seals provide. Thieves only need about 40 seconds to successfully break in and hot wire an engine according to Work Truck, emphasizing the need for increased communication and tracking for cargo deliveries.

Simple practices such as these can make a drastic difference in seasonal freight deliveries. It’s about staying one step ahead of the crime through the use of technology, alarm systems, and streamlining communications.

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