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Arviem Confirmed for Plug and Play Supply Chain Program

Arviem Confirmed for Plug and Play Supply Chain Program

Arviem, a Swiss supply chain visibility service provider, has been confirmed as one of the 22 selected startups to participate in this year’s “Plug and Play” Supply Chain 12-week program in Silicon Valley.

“We are excited to have this world-class cohort of startups with us for the next few months. We are confident that they will succeed, and we can’t wait to see them reach new milestones,” said Farzin Shadpour, Managing Director of Plug and Play Supply Chain.

Arviem’s global supply chain visibility platform solution is driven by IoT technology that enables companies access to information at any moment during transit. This level of end-to-end visibility along with the use of sensor technology, big data, and clever data analytics methodology are key elements and differentiators of the Arviem platform.

Arviem CEO, Stefan Reidy adds:

“Being part of the Plug and Play Supply Chain Program is a remarkable milestone for our company. It depicts our strength and showcases our innovative potential towards our vision of making the entire supply chain ecosystem more transparent by uncovering blind spots. Our cargo tracking and monitoring service helps our clients to ensure savings, business continuity and customer satisfaction along with sustainability and helps to prevent spoilage on the distribution level. This inclusion among the other innovative startups is a recognition of our efforts towards supporting the digitalized supply chain, effective logistical operations as well as sustainability initiatives of our clients”


Source: Arviem