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WESCO Doubles its Robot-Enhanced Warehouse Zone with Scallog


WESCO Doubles its Robot-Enhanced Warehouse Zone with Scallog

Wesco – a specialist for healthy child development with products such as furniture, games and school utensils  – is rapidly expanding its range and is therefore doubling the Scallog Goods-to-Person robot zone at its Cerizay logistics platform in summer 2021.

Wesco, a French SME established in 1975, creates, manufactures and distributes fun and innovative products for children: furniture, games, educational material, motor skills modules, etc. It markets its 15,000 products to families and professionals working with children via mail order and via its e-commerce website. Today, the company exports its goods to 60 countries.

In response to its growing activity, Wesco will be doubling the Scallog robotized storage area at its logistics hub in the West of France in the summer of 2021. The company’s growing B2B and B2C order flows require increased storage density, a boost to productivity and an accelerated order picking rate. This logistics expansion project will allow better product availability and shorter delivery times, thereby increasing satisfaction amongst Wesco’s wide range of customers.

Arnaud Gaborieau, Wesco’s Logistics Manager, states: “Our logistics performance must reflect our company’s image, which combines innovation and quality with the enduring aim of satisfying our clients. Building on the success of our first Goods-to-Person project with Scallog, we are doubling the capacity of our robotized storage zone to increase our productivity and responsiveness. Once again, Scallog is supporting us in our growth, helping us to absorb our ever-increasing order picking loads and the peaks in our activity that typically occur at the start of the new school year and in the lead-up to the end-of-year holiday season.”

In summer 2021, the robotized storage zone will double to 1,000 m2: it will include 20,000 storage locations and 24 Scallog Boby robots, which will service four ergonomic workstations. These workstations will be able to be used for both picking and replenishment operations.

Furthermore, Wesco has also worked with Diplex on constructing a mezzanine above the Scallog zone to increase storage density. 

In conjunction with the INFFLUX BEXT WS solution, Scallog’s warehouse control system will optimize orders and the management of storage locations, accelerating picking rates and the ability to handle the company’s ever-increasing number of products.

Guided by a Pick-to-Light system, each operator will be able to manage up to 100 orders in parallel at its workstation, which is coupled with a conveyor system that enables goods to be routed to a number of further warehouse zones.

Doubling the size of the existing simple and easy-to-install Scallog Goods-to-Person robot system will take less than a month. With the new facility, Wesco anticipates a 100% increase in the number of order lines processed per hour, and ensures optimum use of the warehouse area.